2016 - The year of VR

Salam All,

Didn’t see a VR thread here.

I’ve got a preorder down for the Oculus Rift and inshallah should see it in hand sometime this summer.

Curious to know who else has the Rift or the HTC Vive.

FYI, here in toronto area, the Microsoft Stores are doing demos of the HTC Vive. I tried it last week. It’s everything I expected it to be!!!

I am so sorry you are getting the rift. My condolences. /s

i do not have either. But if I where to buy one, it would be the vive all the way. The way the rift was handled left a very dirty taste in my mouth.

lol. yeh, after trying the Vive demo, I was double thinking my choice. Room scale VR was cool.

To be honest I could care less of the politics. It’s about the games for me. Rift has Eve Valkyrie and better support for Elite Dangerous. Vive has said they will support Eve sometime this year, but who knows when. Also, on the forums for ED, users are saying a much better experience with the Rift. Chronos looks pretty sweet too. Vive has yet to show something that is more than just a demo or to the same level as the games Rift is offering.

1st gen VR is going to be a toss up either way.

Politics to me is very important, that why i refuse to use Apple and Microsoft products if I can help it.

If we ignore the politics and chase only after exclusives we will destroy the future of VR. If games start having exclusive VR it will be horrible. Will tear the community apart and eventually one VR headset will control the entire market, and we all know how well that works. It is very anti-consumer.

Vive currently has the best hardware and politics, therefore I would support vive, if I had the money to buy a VR product.

That being said, I am interested in the future of VR. more specifically the ones that interact with your real world environment. I have so many real world ideas besides games i would love to use that for.

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Fair enough :smile:

It would be great if the games were open to be played with whatever headset the user wanted. I’d go Vive without hesitation. Better company and they actually care about gamers.

Though the world doesn’t work this way. Ultimately, every company will pick a strategy that they think will win. Whether it’s locking down exclusive titles or trying to appease to the “open” community, they are betting on what they think will make them money. So for someone like me, who is all about VR gratification today, Oculus’ strategy is better…

(shrugs shoulders) Shallow perhaps, but hey, I’m honest about it lol.

All this aside, if there is a technical reason, or some info that puts the Vive on top of the Rift today in terms of games, please do let me know. I’d hate to get the Rift only to find out the Vive has a one up on the games department…



I honestly probably wont have VR for at least 2-3 years. First need a rig to drive the games - which itself wont happen til GTX 1000 series prices normalize. Ill have to figure out how to at least try it in the mean time.

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Good video on VR’s challenges in the game industry (from a game designer perspective):

Awesome video, and spot on with every point.

I really hope it does succeed, cause it is super cool!

I remember back in the day when I got my hands on 3D Vision. It never did quite catch on, albeit slightly different reasons. But it too was an awesome experience.

I had a projector set up in my basement displaying a 170 inch screen in 3D. If you stood a couple meters away from the wall and to one side so you angled yourself towards the middle you really felt like you were in the game…

It was epic!

Is it better to have loved and lost rather than not have loved at all?