7 out of 10 Koreans Play Video Games

Talk about societal acceptance lol. This is quite crazy:


I’m not that surprised actually. Gaming is huge—super huge.

80% of american households contain a device used to play video games. 49% of Americans (155 Million) regularly play video games. 3 out of 5 parents of gamers, game with their kids.

Of this expansive gaming segment, only 22% would actually call themselves gamers. The rest are in denial :wink:

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cause mobile games and facebook games, the bigest gamer demographic is fourty year old stay at home moms.


I didnt know THOSE stats. Thats interesting. Its stupid that so many remain in denial though. Would be a lot easier to potentially find a gamer girl wife…lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Asad is right. 43% of gamers are spread between the social and mobile phone segments. These segment are largely comprised of older women, mid-thirties and up.

if you consider the entire gaming segment, 44% are women. Layering that stat onto the general population shows that 21.4% of all women play games.

This means that your chances of finding a gamer wife are a bit better than 1 out of 5—not bad. :wink:

You can get a wife who will play Candy Crush with you. Awesome.

Meanwhile my wife has been by my side throughout

  • The borderlands series
  • Resistance series
  • Resident evil 5&6
  • Diablo2&3
  • Farcry3
  • Little big planet series
  • Minecraft
  • Rainbow6 vegas series
    The list goes on.

#Bragging, #Winning.

My point though, my wife certainly does not refer to herself as a gamer nor did she play any games before we were married. But put her by my side with a gun in her hands and she is as happy as can be.

Recrimm and Asad are right, the demographic of gamers would be far greater than the recorded numbers would suggest.

My wife and her sisters would not call themselves gamers either, yet they played super mario on a snes, sims 3, and minecraft. My wifes older sister played several zelda games (after i introduced them to emulators) and my wife has since gotten an origin, steam and humble bundle account and has amassed quite a number of indie games. Still wont call herself a gamer though.

now you have just made me more and more curious.