A sensitive question about an old game

Hello everyone, i have an old question that keeps repeating itself every time i see a certain game, well actually two games, Medal of Honor 2010 and its sequel, so i’m a Medal of Honor fan but i just can’t play these two, i hate them a lot, they even got a very bad reception from many other people for the story and the bugs and all that stuff

So my issue is about their portrayal of Muslims and Muslim countries, you know, terrorists, desert and all that stuff, so my question is (well it’s a two part question), does those two games really offend us ? did the developer meant that offense ?

I hope my topic doesn’t bother you

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Hey, welcome to the forums!

Whether they’re doing it on purpose or not … I don’t know. There’s an interesting Extra Credits video where he says “the villains in FPSes are slowly shifting from Nazis to Arabs” (he means Muslims).

Should we lobby, report it, etc.? I don’t know if that’s useful. Frankly, I’d rather just make more games that portray Islam and Muslims in a positive light.

If you’re interested, there’s a game development channel on the MG discord server. We can talk more there, inshaAllah.

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Thanks a lot

We should also tell them that what they did is wrong, i mean, we should show them how to avoid offending us

Thanks for the link

Asalamu’alaykum brother,

I don’t know what the best action to take is, but I feel strongly that we should work on our character, dealings with our family and friends, and being more involved in our local communities/masjids. The world will continue to go round and new people will be selected to be vilified. It’s up to our community as a whole to respond to these things, not just us at an individual level.

Hope all is well insha’Allah :slight_smile: