A way for linux gamers to manage their games


Very awesome website, you can sync your steam account and and it will add all games that can run on linux, including games that use wine. It will setup the wine config for you too.


I have a dedicated OS for my CSGO needs. That’s all I play anyway :slight_smile:

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I posted a couple of my games to Lutris. 24 hours later, they didn’t approve it. Not impressed. IndieDB did it in under an hour.


Still waiting. I’m guessing someone has to actually download the game and run it on Linux, and/or make a runner or specify config for it. That makes sense.

Thanks for the share though.

Perhaps this is because I haven’t submitted an installer yet.

Any idea @asad3ainjalout ?

no clue, i suggest you ask them on irc irc://irc.freenode.org:6667/lutris

LuL linux gaming in [current year]

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for me, linux gaming for the last 2 years has been almost perfect.

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Abdz, Linux gaming has been a thing ever since csgo moved to Linux… XD

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@ashes987 so basically they probably did not publish it cause it does not have an installer or a screenshot

That’s a good find. I had plans to research this later (didn’t get time yet).

I wonder about screenshots; the submission page didn’t include a place for it. Strange…

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Ironically, minutes after my reply here, I get an email saying it’s approved.

#derp #herp #lolwut


@ashes987 Heres why

Waiyak :smiley:

P.S. you still need to give it an installer


You, sir, are the man.

You were right all along; I neglected IRC, and so, my game stuck around unpublished for weeks. Lesson learned.

I got the Dajjal’s Minions installer to work (except for you :frowning: ), next, on to RPG Maker.