Any PS4 players?

Salaam all. Just found this group so not sure if folks are still active here. I’m hoping to find chill folks to play online games with (apex, overwatch, d2 etc.) I’m on PS4 and usually play at night (8pm EST onwards).
I couldn’t find a discord link so not sure how to get there but feel free to message me and we can exchange psn ids.

Assallamu Alaikum and Welcome to Muslim Gamer @oozie. While we are a mostly PC gaming community we do have quite a few people who own consoles and I am sure will be more than happy to play with you. Which games do you own?

The majority of the community is on the Muslim Gamer discord. I personally do not get on the discord so I do not have the link handy but I am sure someone will give it to you.

I do not own a PS4 but if you have any PC games you want to play I would be down.