Backeroids: Retro Asteroids in your Browserz!

Salams y’all,

Many of you already heard that we entered in the 2017 GitHub Game Off competition. Alhamdulillah we actually finished! (Which is an achievement in itself.)

I present to you “Backeroids,” a 2D retro Asteroids clone with better graphics and audio. Credit goes to @Ala who pulled a lot of long nights to get this done.

You can play it here:

May Allah accept our humble efforts in promoting our deen in every aspect of our lives (ameen). Seriously, there’s a guy with a big beard in this game. It’s awesome.


You guys did a great job on this game. I loved the pilot’s name and appreciated the shield bounce-off mechanics. The only thing I thought was odd was the 360 gun range—would’ve loved to see that attached to a rotating gun barrel which tracks to the mouse cursor.

Other than that, I think it could possibly use an endless mode where asteroids could be generated based on a linear formula tied to current stage. Though you may suffer death-on-spawn issues at some point if utilizing randomly generated roids.

Bottom-Line Score: 9/10
Nostolgia Levels: 1979
Would Rec rec? Yes, go play it now. =]

Rec rec’d it so I had to play it.


Guy with beard… image… check
Danger disguised as +1 life powerups… image… check
Floating pilons… image… check

Illuminati… image… check

10/10, would back backeroids.

lol, joking aside, awesome job guys!

Innaa lillahi wa innaa ilayhi rajioon. I didn’t realize this looks like a health power-up :frowning: I think we need to change that, eh @ala ?

lol … you guys are too generous. Seriously. Ya know, the word for friend in Arabic is “saadiq,” from the root “sadaqa” (to tell the truth) – because friends tell the truth. They will tell you that your game is 0.5/10 and let you cry salty tears of blood, because when you’re done, you’ll actually improve it into something better :smiley:

But, not to be ungrateful – jazakumullahu khayran for the support guys. It really does mean a lot to me.


I’m sad that you would think I’d deliver anything but honost feedback bro.

If you want me to eviscirate it with a comprehensive critical analysis from core features to pixel art, I can. But that was hardly the purpose of my review.

For a time-bound, competition level job, you guys delivered a fairly well-polished product.

Story, atmosphere, growth, mechanics, creatures, etc are all different elements which contribute to games being enjoyable. The core question that all these elements need to laddar up to for the consumer is “is it fun?”

In light of the roids-like experience I expected, my answer to that question is yes. So, I stand by my score and recommendation.

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Sorry if I offended you. I didn’t realize you guys understood and scoped your review appropriately to the fact that it’s a one-month competition game. In hindsight … my bad, sorry. Maybe I’m projecting my personal feelings here (we ended up with, essentially, asteroids with a couple more enemy types – nothing really new).

Jazakumullahu khayran for clarifying and sorry again for the misunderstanding.

Edit: I have only ever, found literally one person who criticized any of my games (brother @silatsaif who does art for many of my games). Generally, I noticed people try not to hurt my feelings … even when I myself know that I’m not pushing out a quality product.

In this case, Allahu a’lam, backeroids is a polished product, albeit not a huge step above Asteroids (which it was supposed to be).

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!airhorn .