Bastion vs FTL: what to get?

Which should I get?

FTL sounds a bit boring (GameSpot review) – same events but different order.

Bastion, I’m not sure if it’s my kinda game. Looks interesting through.

@AbrarSyed already suggested Bastion under similar reasoning.

I couldnt get into Bastion, FTL i loved. Saying that, i have been limited to laptop gaming for over a year now so that could be it too.

@muslimgamer I originally thought the same thing. I’ve been just a causal Flash gamer for years (last console I owned was a PS1 – I’m an old man now). Roguelikes are my thing (usually the first type of game I try to make on a new platform).

Here’s the GameSpot review that changed my mind.

FTL is easy to get into, and can be quite fun for a while… But I get fedup with that game after the first hour. Its a pretty hard game, and while there is some skill, id say there is more chance involved. You will not beat the final boss until the 30th time you play, and thats on easy. Dont even think about normal. That being said, There is a rich world to discover, and lots of random events. So many in fact, that I actually dont think ive encountered them all. While this gives the game lots of replay value, I still think it gets old, because the best ones are so rare.

Now about bastion… I really love games with good stories, and Bastion has one of the best. Great game from top to bottom, and maybe good enough to get a second play through out of. The game’s story is completely narrated, and so the audio is an important part of the game. I know you have some stricter views when it comes to music @ashes, and thats why I am hesitant to recommend something that you may be unable to enjoy. That being said, the parts where songs (of which there are only 2) are mostly human voice accompanied by a little guitar, so I dont know if that fits your definition of music or not.

+1 for games with good stories.

After receiving a lifetime ban on the old forums, I’m not going to post any of my opinions and/or beliefs.

Thanks for the feedback.

Well… the forums be under new management. And such a situation is something I hope will never happen again, atleast not on my watch.

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@ashes999 I don’t want to think of MG as a place where opinions can cause conflict. I think if you say your opinion respectfully it’ll be alright lol, and of course, people will have to respond respectfully as well.

Give us another chance? :3

Consider this a good reminder that we need to lay down the ground rules and figure this stuff out :slight_smile: yes, even on topics of gaming.

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For the record, the new administration includes friends who I trust, and who supported my perspective last time we had fasad.

Anyway, I still haven’t decided. Since there’s no poll here, please reply with one word for which game you would buy (if you could only get one): Bastion, or FTL?

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Polls for the masses!

  • Bastian
  • FTL

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Jazakumullahu khayran y’all. I made istikhara too and decided to go with Bastion. FTL can wait for post-Ramadan inshaAllah.


i like games that make you think. bastion has a nice story but in the end it was a mindless hack and slash for the most part. And yes, ftl is random, but you can almost certainly manage the randomness. If you would like tips or tricks I would be more than happy to give. The trick in FTL is much like real life. You dont know what will happen next except for vague main things. you must plan and prepare appropriately. It is kind of like playing a card game. Yes chance is main factor, but you can manage your chance. In a card game you manage your chance by making sure you have enough draw so you are more likely to have the cards you need to counter any thing that comes up. Like wise in ftl you manage the chance. Learn how to maximize the time you are given to collect the resources you need to purchase and supplement your ship. Learn how to see what direction your ships win condition is going and accommodate. Dont start out saying my ship will win by boarding the enemy, rather see what you get. You are suddenly getting a lot of hull damage weapons? make sure to purchase some rockets so you can knock out shield generators etc.

I beat bastion, and the ending made me tear up a bit. it gave me a good 2-3 hours of game time. I never went back to finish all the achievements and stuff. With ftl, i still pick it up all the time, sort of like dwarf fortress, nethack (great roguelike), tome (also great roguelike) etc.

FTL is on sale now for $2.


May Allah reward you guys greatly for your advice. Alhamdulillah I finished Bastion the day before yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s a bit short (~3 hours) and a bit easy (I rarely used black tonics), but those are minor complaints.

Next stop: Braid!

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I still think you should try ftl.

I spent 45 minutes playing it, wondering what I’m not getting. I then spent 15 minutes wondering if it’s worth trying to get my $2 back that I spent to buy it.

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in that case return it. :frowning:

FtL is more or less a management game.

You have a long way to go with limited resources and no second chances.

Do you go a longer way to gather more loot opening yourself to higer risks or the chance or running out of fuel or do you make a bee line for the next system.

Do you spend your money repairing your ship or that shiny new weapon.

You need to constantly judge risk vs reward for the decisions you make in addition to protecting your crew during active encounters.

Between the procedural generated world and unlockable ships encouraging different Play Styles it is a game you can keep coming back to casually.

Ultimately like anything else tastes will vary. I can play it on and off for days but I can see why you might not.

I liked Braid far more than Bastion.