Checkers Tournament (Winner: asad3ainjalout!)

or did you mean wednesday last week.

Coming Wednesday :open_mouth: unless you can give me a date/time that works for you.

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@asad3ainjalout we need to play by this Monday habibi!

your never on when I am

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Wulf forfeits, congratulations @asad3ainjalout :smiley:

That’s not a real victory, come on!

no does not count. All we need to do is get on at the same time man

Alright, alright. I sent you a PM.

Update: Asad pwned me 2-0.


:tada: Congratulation!

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I will start the Warlight tournament after I travel to Texas (I will have 2 weeks of boredom)

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I’m in.

I get back from Indonesia insha Allah July 16th.