CSGO with Wulf?

Anybody up for CSGO match making?
Any rank and stuff?

How about some 1v1 tournaments?

no time otherwise I would love it

CSGO with Wulf sounds as insane as Warlight with Asad.

wulf is way better at csgo than I am at warlight.

Wouldnt mind doing some matchmaking this week. Ill find you on Steam. What times are good for you? Time zone?

Same as yours roketfiq. And sounds good when do you want to play?

Ok roketfiq I had time to play this weekend but I need to go MIA for like 2 weeks after this weekend. If I’m ever on, just nudge me and we’ll play :slight_smile:

I’m sorry bro. I thought I would but I’m taking a break from MP for the moment. Intense ones at least. My brain and body need a rest.

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Guys I’m going to be free again! If you guys want to play someone next week, pls pm me or reply. I’ll play any game mode you guys want to play.

I’ve been playing a lot of csgo lately, if anyone wants to play pm me or something~

Im up for it bro. Played a little last week. I know Im not on your level but Id love some competitive.

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