D&D Game Setup!

Salaam all!

There’s been some interest in a D&D game on Discord so let’s do it! Let’s use this thread to figure out the details. Need to figure out a GM tho… And which set of rules we’re using


@Severok @asad3ainjalout @AbrarSyed @ashes987

I’m in if I can fit in with the game schedule.


By D&D you mean Pathfinder right?

You tell me boss. lol I don’t really know the difference ><

Are you up to GM?

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Severok back from the dead! Be our GM, pretty-please???


We should really look into Pathfinder, we all have more books for that between us.

Also, we should use the premade adventures. I think that would fit better with everyone’s tight schedules.

Pathfinder is güd. And the SRD has all of the major information for free.

So I’ve never played a forum based game before, how do you track combat properly, and things like attacks of opportunity other weird locational stuff?

Idk if this fully answers your question Klus, but during “combat phases” the GM created a grid with all of the players/NPCs on it. That’s what determines location. We would each get 1 action in a “round.” The rolls would determine the order of the actions

Severok could give a much more in depth answer since he was the GM

Hello. This is Osama. Down for whatever is decided. Can’t offer much opinion as this will be my first time playing

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Welcome welcome!

Hi, Ali here, I’d prefer 5e w/ random ability score generation/HP gain (got experience playing), and there are troves of PDFs you can find online.

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I think I accidentally deleted my post, brought it back, and deleted it again. Idk what happened.

D&D would be hecka fun since it’s what we were talking about initially. But I’m down for anything. :slight_smile:


Awesome! I’m super excited - we got a good sized group of people

First order of business we’ll be getting a GM:


Anyone else?

Assallamu alaikum

So last time @Severok was our GM. We filled out Character Sheets, handed them in to him, and basically we just described our actions to him, he would do all the math, then tell us what happened etc. It did put the burden of all the mechanics on the GM, and D&D and Pathfinder are very mechanically intensive games so I actually have a idea below.


I would not mind GMing if we use the Pathfinder system as I have some pre-made adventure books. I don’t have time to setup a custom story like @Severok did last time. It would be my first time GMing so I would probably start off with the beginner adventure (a fairly simple dungeon run). We can use that to figure out what works and what does not and how we can improve.

A Few Thoughts

  1. We should set a time limit on response time, once past that time limit the GM will treat you like an AI and take your turn for you. I suggest 36 hours for response time. This gives everyone a day to get their post in.

  2. Due to our games being more storyline driven and less mechanically driven, I suggest we play a game that is more storyline driven, preferably using the Apocalypse Engine. Apocalypse Engine basically simplifies most of the stats down to 5 making it a lot easier for this forum style play. I actually have the Uncharted Worlds game which uses the Apocalypse engine. The big downside though is that unlike Pathfinder I do not have any pre-made adventure books for it, nor do I know if any exists, now there are many games that use the Apocalypse Engine and some may have preemade adventures so that is an option.
    Links for those interested

  3. I suggest having two forum threads, one for the game and one for questions to the GM, last time it was all intermixed.

Whatever we end up deciding I am sure it will be fun.

Asad, what do you think of roll20.net? IIRC there are pre-made adventures on there, and I def wouldn’t mind contributing towards buying some as well.

I would argue while very cool, it is more of an aide during life play, if we where all on together. In forum based play it’s a lot easier to self made stuff. I believe last time i checked roll20 it would not save stuff unless you payed, so maybe good for an initial map make then just link the picture here from imgur.

I’m fine with simplified mechanics

Can we use simplified mechanics from Apocalypse with pre-made story from Pathfinder? I would prefer to use our own story, and our own creativity, but if we go with pre-made that’s fine