Dark Souls is so fair

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lol I remember that level…god it was terrifying. Love the game.

I actually think Dark Souls is entirely fair.

Every trap, every monster, every boss is entirely conquerable after careful observation, and every player death is meaningful. It does what many MANY other games fail to do: engage players in such a way that learning becomes a core element of game design.

You get stronger not because of insane level ups and broken tools. You get stronger because you learn how to approach and address new challenges.

It teaches you to be mindful of the area and monster design as well as the special properties of each tool—of which there are many to suit any playstyle you prefer.

Once you embrace the process of learning and being observant of new and recurring patterns, you begin to experience the game as it is meant to be.

Does it demand more from players? Absolutely.
Are there harsh consequences for making mistakes? Definitely.
Does it feel malicious, punishing, and sometimes dirty? Only to those that refuse to learn.

That’s why you don’t lose your souls outright. You lose your souls only if you make another mistake (or the same mistake) while you are trying to retrieve them.

Wanted to add that I found the video hilarious too—just wanted to contribute more than my initial reaction.

There are a lot of games like that, not just dark souls. Although, darksouls is one of the newer ones

I’m sure there are. I have not encountered many that do it with the same depth as dark souls.

Don’t hold back on us bro!

ya’ll make fun of my games when I post them :smiley:

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I didn’t make fun of dwarf fortress…

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If it makes you feel any better, I have never once made fun of your games @asad3ainjalout

lol fine, so a few off the top of my head,

The mount and blade series no matter how much you level up and buy gear, you will still probably die after taking a cavalry charge to the face.

Dwarf Fortress cause Dwarf fortress.

Hotline Miami, the masks did not really give an advantage, more like varied up your playstyle.

Serious Sam 3, while they did give you stronger weapons, they also gave you much stronger enemies.

Portal 1 and 2. You just have a portal gun.

lol Asad <3

also, hilarious video Ashes