Darkest Dungeon: End-Game


I’m contemplating buying Darkest Dungeon (c/o @roketfiq and @BloodMoney). BUT, the negative reviews from last year all say:

  • End-game is impossible, almost literally, to survive.
  • Even after a lot of grinding, 1-2 hits at a low level can kill your mid-strength characters

I’m guessing they didn’t fix this yet … amirite? Are these complaints still current?

So I havent played enough to get to endgame. That is what happens most of the time with this type of game lol BUT they are coming up with a big update soon. Its called the Radiant Update:


This may solve at least the time consumption issues.

Haven’t heard from @BloodMoney but it sounds like, from what I remember of Discord, this is still an issue.