De_dust2 removed from active duty maps

CSGO has taken de_dust2 out of the active duty map pool. I’m expecting they just want people to play the other maps more. However, in the past, maps were taken out for redesigning. I really hope they don’t rework de_dust2. I’m expecting your support in the protest if they do.

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i wont, dust2 got super boring and repetitive, sorry bruh, your on your own.

lol Id support a redesign for sure. I like the map but people really do play it just way too much. The other map redesigns have been pretty good.

You guys are all messed up. JKJK <3 <3

But seriously, redesigning de_dust2 isn’t how you make the game better.

How would you make the game better then? I guess I dont really play it enough to make suggestions myself. I enjoy it as is.

so i understand where @Wulf is coming from. Short of a few changes in terms of re arranging box positions, or changing the materials a door is made out of, Dust 2 has been untouched since it’s release, and for good reason.

The map is possibly the most balanced fps map ever made. And a lot of it was an accident. Example, long A was made cause the map maker ran out of map space, not realizing that gave the attackers a whole new area in which long range weaponry would be king. The weird alcove in mid was also because he didnt know what to do with it and to date allows attackers to move up through mid leading to some insane gun fights.

Despite new grenades coming out, dust 2 has withstood all of this. No matter how many throws people friend, none of them make the map unbalanced. Alot of maps have invisible walls to prevent grenade th rows because they where op, but not Dust 2

There is a price to pay for a map so well balanced though, and that is it gets played WWWWWAAAAAAAAYYYYY to much.

I believe that in all the games i have played, about 90% where on Dust 2.

Ahh I see what you’re saying. Interesting. Hmm. I guess what I mean is I dont mind a revamp though. The other maps got tweaks and a fresh coat of paint, they didnt get completely redone. Some changes seemed like more quality of life than anything else. But, as you can see with DotA2, sometimes changing the map is the best way to keep things fresh and progress going. There is a reason why DotA2 continues to grow and stay popular. The devs arent afraid to try new things and shake things up so it doesnt get boring. lol. I just wish the games didnt take so damn long.