Don't forget to buy the E3 Humblebundle

Every year humblebundle does an E3 humblebundle that has a bunch of cool stuff. Don’t forget to get one if you haven’t already

I looked at it but I didnt really see much that I saw was worth it. What makes it a must buy exactly?

For me its was the Paladins beta, superfight beta, war thunder stuff and grey goo

I’m not interested in it either

I feel like they could’ve added some csgo skins wink wink

I want Grey Goo and I guess it would be worth $4 easy but lol the War Thunder stuff is just beginner vehicles and some decals. I saw it, got excited but then deflated lol. What is Paladins?

I dont see anything very interesting on there… Lots of betas, skin packs etc… for games I dont play… And I have a massive library already, dont want any other.