Dwarffortress, This looks FUN!


The AI and the aquifer powered water wheels look awesome.

I’ve pulled off:
Artificial waterfall
Danger room
and Drowning Chamber

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First line in the link:

A stupid dwarf trick is any project that requires a large amount of time and/or effort

Sounds boring, like another chore! :stuck_out_tongue:

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It is worth it when you rig a room to fill with lava to deal with a pesky invasion or troublesome prisoner.

Or maintaining a kennel of undead to unleash on unsuspecting foes at will.

Or my personal favorite of chaining a captured vampire in an obsidian prison which is then dropped into the depths of a lava sea.

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So I started playing DF again.

One thing lead to another and I now have a miner trapped underground after being mauled by a cave crocodile, attempting to rest/recover so he can make his escape before the slowly advancing pool of lava consumes the area.

I wonder if he will make it… The miner who actually tapped into the volcano in the first place sure didnt.

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He’s probably wet his pants by now haha XD

If only I could appreciate ASCII graphics…or wanted to make the effort to implement 3D packs :P.

The thing about ascii graphics is this. I have used the 2d tile sets (graphics, because the game is not true ascii they are ascii 2d graphics) and I have used the isometric viewer as well and while they looked good they killed one major aspect of the game, the detail that cannot be captured with our current level of graphics.

See the problem is that in a game where every dwarf is unique, and every engraving and every sculpture is different, and I do not mean the generic different i mean like radically different. Not to mention engravings that tie into the history of the world you generated and are relevant actualy pixel graphics would not do it justice. In a game where every body part is independent, and within each independent body part it is made up of more independent pieces, and where those parts can be grabbed, cut, broken, smashed, twisted, dismembered bruised etc. no modern graphics can really do it justice. Maybe in the futre we can get some real good stuff but as of right now not happening.

So i tried the ascii, and once you learn what they symbols mean, and its not that hard, you pick it up as you play one at a time, you start to have a running image in you rhead and that is ten times more epic. It becomes more like reading a book rather than watching a movie. When i read Lord of the rings, or equally cool books, but LOTR did it for me the most I would sometimes stop after reading a page or paragraph and just imagine it. That is what I do with dwarf fortress.

Heres a perfect example of why real graphics cannot do the combat system justice lol. This filthy kobald thief had his nail ripped off.

lol so ridiculous.