Email not working

I haven’t gotten any emails. Despite subscribing to daily updates, and per-thread.

Have you?

I just got one today

I get emails when people do the @ thing and for PMs.

Ironically, I get emails for this thead (but only this thread).

I know the my email server is working, because I use it for actual personal mail. It must be something with your email settings…
I know that discourse will send you emails for discussions you have participated on by default, but not much else.

Looks like it’s working now -_-

I think the issue was: when I reply to threads, the default is “Tracking” (notify in header only) not “Watching” (send me an email on replies).

I got the message through email and came to check it here lol.

that reminds me about setting up an email for you abrar. ill pm you the details now i.A

I was looking around the settings, and found the skipped email log. Apperantly it doesn’t send emails if you the user has been active recently.