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Who likes farming!?

level 31 tomatoes (ripens at level 40)

I started growing tomatoes and they are almost ripe now!!

Post pictures of your plants/give advice/anything related to gardening/farming.

Excuse me, you mean stardew valley

Advice: When they are ripe, give them to a girl.
With persistence she may become your wife.

That is about all that I have got.


Islamically you should ripe tomatoes at her so as to know get close enough to cause fitna. Throw some at her father too, he will accept you in no time.

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Harvest moon is for chumps, Stardew Valley is the new king

I wouldn’t say I like farming, but I like growing stuff. Kids love it too.

Last year we were like level 99. Green beans, cherry tomatoes, cilantro, strawberries, and two types of mints.

This year, everything died except the strawberry plant (I think), and the grape plant. We got one, that’s right, one small red pepper the entire season.

Allahu musta’aan.

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lol dang. Those look great bro. I didnt plant them but I guess I could post a picture of my cactus…in my office…

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Red pepper huh! You should try putting them in pots and bringing them inside, near the windows. I’ve noticed that plants make the house feel lively!

roket, do it~

My picture would be of an overgrown front and backyard with weeds as tall as young trees… I’m not kidding.


@Rec we made that mistake first year too. MOW IT NOW. It will take years to undo the damage – weeds go deep down and are really hard to uproot. We’re still recovering (five years later, we finally got rid of one weed lawn-wide: dandelions)

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That sounds painful. Did you slowly pull out their roots over the years?

@Wulf Itried many things. Ultimately, we bought one of those claw-removal-things (long, long metal fingers go deep down), and/or using a sharp shovel/spade to try and get as much of the root out as possible. That was the long-term fix.

The short term fix was to consider any weed flowers a “911” call and immediately pluck and destroy the flowers. (TLDR: flowers are at the end of the life-cycle, and that’s how weeds reproduce and spread.)

I can’t take credit for the dandelions finally dying, because I wasn’t consistent. Allah saved us, by basically sending a heat wave (30+ degrees Celcius) several days this year. I think that’s what really did them in.

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Yeah the grass this year was yellow! Heat waves indeed! So another method is to take gasoline and burn the weeds. Gotcha.

You’re not far from the truth. Undistilled vinegar does the job (never tried it – I used a diluted one, which is useless). Salt works (and makes sure nothing will grow back there. Ever again). Boiling water works too (but takes a few applications – costs too much energy). You can even cover the area with a black plastic back for a few days, blanket-killing everything.

In the end, musclepower wins out. I tried to engage my kids too. My 8yo came running very excited after collecting, literally, like 1000 dandelion flowers. Yeah.

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After multiple harvests, this is probably the last. (from the original plants above)

level 42 tomatoes!

Roket, where is your cactus?

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Bro. Thats awesome.

Here is my Cactus lol:

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Oh wow two of them. Have you given them names?

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lol no…actually…naming competition?

lol, I try to name things I want to take care of.

I think the name should come from your heart roket :slight_smile:

Okay. Cactus will be…Brutus and the succulent will be Stella. :smiley: