FTL: Advanced Edition for $2

Via this Humble Bundle.

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This game is too hard :confused:

I’m struggling on normal difficulty.

Agreed. That’s what most of the reviews say. Most people play on the easy difficulty.

I got to sector five on my first go. But I find it very boring. There’s not enough story.

I can agree with not enough scripted story – but wow, it was pretty intense watching three of my crew members die trying to fix the oxygen replenisher.

But yea, the random events do get boring since you get the general idea after dying a few times…

If you guys can, somehow get and play Star Command on Android. Its like FTL but better in many ways. Full control of your ship but more detail and more of a 3D isometric game. It also has more of a story. Loved the game but hate playing on phones lol. Maybe when I get a tablet Ill revisit.

I love ftl, gets really deep and complex. Plus I name them after my friends, make my own story, and then when they die i message my friends with a screenshot detailing the life and death of their hero. The best was when my best friend died in the first two turns due to me forgetting to pause the game and close the airlock…

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im sorry rocketfiq, but WHAT?

Star command is no way better, i played it. its a mobile game, its simple, basic and thats it. moving crew around doenst really matter, in ftl crew management is really important if you play a boarding ship. Star command does not have boarding. the shooting combat is literally hey, gun ready to fire, press the sequence. you cant aim for rooms or individual parts etc. You can’t set the entire enemy ship on fire, you cant keep their oxygen turned off and watch their crew asphyxiate. You cant open you router airlock doors, draining the air out of the sections the enemy boarders are in. There are no drones, There is no hacking, There is no teleporters, There is no different style of healing. you go where the game tells you to go, you dont choose a path, trying to pick the most efficient and optimal route before the enemy fleet catches up. I never lost a single battler playign star command because of how mind numbingly boring and easy it was. I want a game that kicks me in the butt and forces me to get better.

I do exactly what Asad said, minus the messaging friends. It gets really emotional lawl.

Q: Why are you crying Wulf?
A: I just killed my dad by accident :confused:

@asad3ainjalout But Im pretty sure you CAN do all that…I remember being able to target, I remember being able to open doors to flush out fires…I dont know lol. I swear it had the same depth. And yea you go where the game tells you because of the story. Its less random.

ill give the game a shot again, it was a while ago, i could be wrong. However, if you get a tablet, ftl is on tablets as well. You lose out on awesome mods though.

Haha Ill keep that in mind. Wouldnt mind a tablet to carry around with me. Maybe then Ill get Chrono Trigger. Been wanting to play that too. Or maybe I should just get an emulator version…IDK…

ask abrar about emultors, he has a cool setup.

Alright. Ill ask him. Ive used Desmume and Dolphin and PCSX2. That and one or two GBA emulators.

emulators? I didnt do anything special with emulators… Just dolphin and the wiiu-gc-controller adapter… Mainly so I can play super smash.