Game Idea - Collaboration and Formulation Thread

Salaam! So I recently found out about a game idea contest going on right now (with one month left to submit) that asks its participants to come up with an idea for a game that involves migration. The winner of the game is given $10,000 in prize money and I thought it would be amazing if a team from MuslimGamer could participate. We would generate much needed publicity for our site and community and thus push our reach even farther.

That said, here is a link to the site:

Main Site:


Right now the team is comprised of myself roketfiq, @Severok (right) and @ashes987. Let us know if you would like to join. The dealine for submission is February 15th, 2017. We hope to have everything formulated by then.

Lets put down January 20th, 2017 as the deadline for joining the team. Thanks.

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I will see what I can come up with, though I will be out of contact for the 1st 10 days of February.

I did have an idea for a game some time ago, sort of like SimCity meets a simplified dwarf fortress where the player starts with a procedurally generated landscape with resources and a few people. The game is only controlled indirectly by the player enacting laws and applying tax rates to different things to adjust how the developing town develops.

The actual town formation and development is automated by agent AIs simulating individual townspeoples needs, skillsets and percivied opertunities forming businesses and developing their own infrastructure and chain of supply and demand. Shaped by the players edicts to ensure they are prepared for the future instead of falling victim to their short sighted greed and ambitions.

It could fit the theme of migration of you have a mechanic of new people moving into the town and having the player mitigate the issues of rapid expansion and new people who slowly adapt to how the town is run.

Migration? There was this game I played ages ago who’s major/win trigger theme was migration. I remember playing and enjoying it a bit, but never finished it cause it didn’t have enough to it, though what it did do, it did very right. I’ll see if I can figure out what the game was called and see if that helps u guys.

@Severok are you okay with this as our Jan/Feb project?

I have some ideas. Should I post them here or in a private thread @Roketfiq?

ok so the game is called From Dust, not sure if you guys heard of it, but it was made by ubisoft and released in 2011. Anyways, some parts of this game were good, for example manipulating and changing the land with earth, water and lava (and maybe wind?) to get your villagers from one place to the next. That aspect of manipulating the land was ok, from what I recall, but was too much of the same thing. It was always point and click to do something that was similar to the other thing. There was no make something, then crash it down to achieve an objective, or something like that, etc. That’s why it got boring for me anyways.

Maybe a game with a timer mode as it’s primary play mode would make for an interesting migration game. And as the timer gets closer and closer to the end, the situation gets worse and worse. So not only instant decision making should be part of the gameplay, but also preparation for what you know is coming as the timer counts down. This would also make losing in this game very frustrating, so maybe save states would be a good idea for those who want to learn the game efficiently, and avoid lame, time wasting frustration. Ogres would make for an interesting enemy to fight against.

Those are my ideas from the top of my head for now. Good luck.

edit: oh and there’s a challenge mode where you’re not allowed to make save states, LOL.

lol so you’re officially on the team, right @Abdz ? I know that game. I think it really was about migration or at least creating a new home (in a way) for your people. Thats a good starting point. I think the game very well might turn into some sort of strategy game. Either that or some hybrid of strategy and on-rails experience.

@ashes987 I guess for right now we are assembling a team BUT if you do create a private thread, how do you do so? lol.

Edit: I was thinking…I just looked at my Political Correctness post and realized something. Taking the decision making out of the players hands when it comes to race and gender can help in this formulation too.

T’was your idea, fearless leader. I hope your justification (that our ideas are worth stealing!) is accurate, that’s how awesome we are inshaAllah :slight_smile:

Just message someone, there’s an option to add MOAR peoplez to the message. I did this just now.

@Severok all I have to say is: I hope you used Perlin noise with multiple layers of detail (eg. successively smaller noise size) as you go up. Selecting everything below an arbitrary threshold (eg. 0.3) gives an easy water/land boundary.

Looks awesome mashaAllah tabarakallah.

Sorry, shifted this comment to the ARPG thread.
Rethinking how I could use this generator, it seemed much more relevent there.

Since I have no idea what that is, it seems unlikely that I did.
More for me to research!

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