Gamify your life Today!

The only reason I foudn this is that its open source. i am thinking of setting this up locally for my kids. Clean your room, earn points, buy movie showing.


Pretty cool concept.

I’m … game (ha ha, very punny)

Seriously, create a team and let’s try it out.

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I uh am already started, have just added all of my classes as to do lists, Salahs as daily quests and am level 2 with a helmet.

Me too.

So what?

Team up already.

My user ID: 82d64b88-f8c8-4e26-97d4-adf90d36d428

so we need to earn 4 gems in order to start a guild in Habitica
Once we do, we can give guild wide challenges, such as, Pray all five daily prayers for a month on time. Or read half an hour of Quran a day. etc. etc. We can start by earning gems together by making a party, I already invited you @ashes999. Then one of us, whoever want to manage the muslim gamer guild, can spend their four gems on making the muslim gamer guild and boom, we are in business.

Sounds good. Today’s Eid (or the day of Arafah) so I’m booked solid for the next couple of days. I’ll try to add tasks/dailies/etc. as needed. Please figure out how to get gems.

Hey @roketfiq join in bro.

easy, we fight monsters and as long as everyone does their daily to dos we deal damage and avoid getting hurt. anyone who does not meet all of their daily goals (and please be honest, the point is not to win but to do your tasks) will cause us to take damage. Accept the Quest @ashes999 and we can start.


I added some hard, new dailies (eg. pray Fajr or Isha in the masjid). This is going to be … challenging.

I didn’t put 5x salawaat on my list because (alhamdulillah mashaAllah) that’s not something I need to worry about. That’s already set.

Here’s to defeating the basilisk–er, basilist!

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Lets do this !

Oh, and I also added a custom goal (buy Axiom Verge) at 1000 coins. Seems like everything gives me 2-3 coins, so this is going to be an interesting long-term motivator. If it works.

I still have not decided on what to do with the reward system for myself. i did sign up for the public pushup challenge. Did the first day pushup today. was hard. But Inshallaha I will do 100 pushups soon enough. Also the more members a challenge has, the more visible it is. So I signed up for the stop drinking challenge. I mean for us it’s easy as i auto click the “did not drink for 24/hours” daily. However, the encourage people who dont drink to also join so I did not see it as cheating.

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Ohhh you shouldn’t have told me about that. That’s awesome.

As soon as I snag a gem, I’m going to create a page-of-Qur’an-a-day challenge. Srsly.

This is interesting. I feel like it might corrupt my intention though :confused:

i mean one should keep in mind that the site is a to do list first and a game second. For example, after setting up one of my classes (a massive to do with 21 checklists in it) I accidentally clicked it. This leveled me up and gave me a ton of gold and some items. I quickly unchecked it which removed the xp and the gold but not the items. I asked on the public chat how to reverse it and was stunned to find a literal cheat engine built in designed fo ryou to fix mistakes yourself. So i sold the two items at 3 gold each, opened up the cheat engine and removed 6 gold. The reason they left these cheats in is because THIS IS NOT A GAME. Its a to do list/ time/day manager with gamey elements to keep you engaged.

The only person you hurt is yourself if you cheat. So I use to keep up iwth my schoolwork plus its another fun way, like warlight, for busy MGers to talk, chat and have fun together.

@Wulf your actual tasks are secret as far as I can tell. It’s also your choice how much to put into the game. I don’t put my 5x prayers and other “easy” stuff that I don’t worry about; I put stuff that I want to get better at.

This way, I’m giving up lots of free points, which I could have claimed if I wanted.

you could mark them as easy tasks, it will give you much less points. for example, I have all my salahs on easy and fajr on the second hardest. cause i sleep like a log.

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While that’s true, I don’t think Habitica is the end-all and be-all. If it’s giving me benefit in certain areas (eg. build new habits), great. I’ve learned from tons of TODO apps that trying to put every little thing inside just makes it painful to manage.

Rule of thumb: if it takes <= 2 minutes to do it, or if it takes more time to write it and manage it than to do it, just do it. Tools shouldn’t get in the way of getting stuff done.

Cool, cool :slight_smile:

@Wulf are you in?

@asad3ainjalout what are you using habits for? I find dailies generally better for everything that should be done once a day (more options, greys out once complete, etc.)