Gamify your life Today!

No not really I don’t want to rely on this app to help me schedule better, I recently bought an app called iStudiezPro which I don’t want to endorse at this stage (still evaluating) but I think it’s going to do the trick for the remaining time I have in academia. It is pretty cheap too; 2.50 CAD if I recall. This is the problem with plastic credit cards, you don’t even remember how much you spent! XD

Dailies for things I know I do everyday. habits for things I would like to do. For example, I have a positive habit for every time i pray in the masjid. I have a negative habit for both the default junk food an dfor drinking pop. I have a habit called 2000 calls. If I do more i press negative, I eat less, i give it a positive.

you spent 2.50 when you could have used something that was free and open source, tsk tsk tsk tsk :stuck_out_tongue:

In the last day and a half, I went from being behind Asad by a level or so to being ahead by a level or so. Here are some “pro tips” (I’m not a pro) that I used, that may help you.

  • Have a clear goal in mind. In my case, it was 200 gold to get a quest. This motivates me to remember/add/check-off stuff that I’m already going, in Habitica. Now, I added “buy Axiom Verge” as a 1000-gold custom reward.
  • Use dailies. You can set up tasks that are once a week (eg. take out garbage), once a month (eg. pay Visa bill), and get tasks… instead of reminder emails to yourself.
  • Use sub-tasks to group stuff, and be somewhat granular (and fair to yourself). I used to write a few big tasks, now I write more smaller sub-tasks. I get more gold/XP this way.
  • Add aspirational habits. Like I added “pray in the masjid,” “plant three trees in jannah” (by saying subhanallah/alhamdulillah/allahuakbar), “10x 10x 10x of each after every salah,” etc. And I started doing them.
  • Use contexts (tags) to keep stuff organized
  • You can hide dailies that are done for the day. This allowed me to add a much larger (and still managable) number of dailies.

What are your tips?

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i like your weekly or monthly tip, I shall do that right now

Going to play the devil’s advocate:
You’ve added overhead to your life.

Agree with Wulf. That’s why I decided on two rules:

  • Never add tasks retroactively just to get gold/xp/etc. If it’s done, it’s done.
  • If the TODO list goes over, say, 7-8 items, either delete stuff or stop adding stuff. Get it back down.

so i use it mostly for the dailies, because they auto refresh.

I also put all of my class assignments as checkpoints under a to do. I only put things on my to do list that take longer tha 2-3 days, in that sense, spending less than 30 seconds to type it out is worth it.

Looks like you guys abandoned me @AbrarSyed @asad3ainjalout . I’m going to try switching to Producteev (used it years ago) and see if non-gamification is enough …

My “hey lets get stuff done” projects/tools/spreadsheets usually die when I add more than 10-20 things to do and it becomes managable. Having a specific focus (eg. monthly) or having limited-scope (eg. pick 3 things for today, this week, and this month) seems to work. So far.

Sorry :frowning: just did not sem to work for me.

No worries mate – it was a good run. IMO if dailies that don’t repeat daily (eg. monthlies) didn’t just disappear the next day if you did them, I would probably have stuck around logger. That was a killer / show-stopper for me. Back to Producteev for now :slight_smile:

Okay so Producteev has it’s own issues :frowning:

For the record:

  • Can’t arbitrarily reorder tasks (priorities only: 0-5)
  • It shows future tasks. There’s a filter for “today” only, but that ignores tasks without a date.


I’m (once more) tempted to write my own software for this. Do you guys want in @AbrarSyed @asad3ainjalout ?