Gears of War 4 System Requirements Revealed

So, I do enjoy the Gears games but I cant and probably wont bring myself to getting Windows 10. It also sucks that they are using their own platform - I get the feeling it wont be enough and they will end up putting stuff on Steam. If you look though…the game requires 80 GBs!!! EIGHTY…

System Req’s:

JEEZ 80GB! thats pretty insane. But regardless I won’t be getting it on Windows 10 because I’m not touching that OS with 10 foot pole. I’m gonna get it on my xbox one and enjoy it that way instead :slight_smile:

Yea might get an Xbox One too but then again…thats giving them even MORE money just to play their games lol.

lol looks like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place :wink: