GitHub Game Off November 2017

Anyone want to team up and build something? This is a good opportunity because we’re practically guaranteed that people will play our game.

Pinging the Usual Suspects: @Wulf @Severok @ala. Maybe also @AbrarSyed and @gravitytr1.

As usual, I will inshaAllah provide technical direction, project management (“let’s get this done by chopping X out”) and QA-testing. The rest is up to you guyz.

Is anyone … game?

Edit: We’re live on GitHub and Discord.

I’m game.

The 45-day time period is a bit problematic for me, though, as there will almost certainly be 2 weeks of exams somewhere along the line.

Hopefully I won’t be the only code monkey around this time!

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It’s actually 30 days – all of November.

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Oh. Well, given that the current exam period ends just before November, I’d wager that, if anything, the next one’ll be at the end of the month. Much better.


This would be really cool! However, I am not in a position where I can guarantee commitment, yet. I am still working on my Unity project piece by piece, and making games really demands a lot of time, as I’m sure you guys already know!

Plus, I only really know some C# and Unity. Not sure how much help I can provide.

What kind of game/scope are we looking at here?

Small scope: make something (probably web-based – JS or HaxeFlixel) during November and submit it. Whatever you can contribute would be cool, even if it’s small (no need to commit like eight hours a day or anything crazy like that).

Wow, sounds like a great oppurtunity.
I am in the same boat as @ala here with school and all. And il also be out for a week for thanksgiving… but otherwise I think we should be able to get something done.

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Lets try to meet up on Discord right after they announce it, so we can figure out our game idea quickly. inshaAllah.

What do you guys want to use as a tech stack?

I’m tempted to use HaxeFlixel because it compiles to web (JS with HTML5 APIs) and Android (we can release an app version shortly after). The setup is also fairly trivial on Linux and Windows.

I’m okay with web techs too, since I probably won’t be doing as much coding as you guys.

No objections?

Please get your dev environment set up. You can find instructions on the HaxeFlixel setup page ( I think you need to:

  • Download haxe from
  • Run haxelib install lime from the command-line
  • Run haxelib setup lime
  • Run haxelib install flixel
  • Run haxelib setup flixel

Also, please post some general ideas like genre and basic idea (eg. puzzle-based platformer). If we can agree on that before Tuesday, we can tweak according to the theme, and just go.

I’m all for learning something new. HaxelFlixel it is!

I’ve never been too good with ideas, and it’s late now. If I do come up with something, I’ll be sure to let you guys know.

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@AbrarSyed can you take lead on this project?

I’m planning to play the role of QA and maybe game designer.

InshaAllah let’s aim to post the result online to Kongregate/NewGrounds at the end. How’s that for motivation?

I would love to, but I really dont think I have the kind of time to make that commitment. If I find that I in fact DO have the time to take a more active role though, I am totally willing to do so.

HaxeFlixel huh? is that the new name of Haxe/NME? Still actionscript it seems… it seams they are falling back on flash instead of js+canvas stuff… what a shame…

HaxeFlixel is a layer above OpenFL/NME, which is built in Haxe. It’s not still Actionscript, most people use the HTML5 target nowadays (JS).

I’m on Discord inshaAllah. Waiting for the announcement. Please be there so we can brainstorm ideas quickly and figure out “what are we building?”

The theme is “throwback”:

Abrar suggested some sort of shooter:

We should do asteroids with a twist of some kind

I concur. Ideas please? time is ticking now …

We decided to recreate Asteroids, with a twist (based on the theme of “throwback,” we called it “backeroids”). You basically will have a super beam / bomb / something that puts things in "retro’ mode, which makes enemies weaker, etc.

@AbrarSyed and @ala, you guys will want to use Helix for this. Instructions to set it up:

  • git clone
  • cd helix
  • haxelib dev helix .

This will allow you to use HelixState, HelixSprite, etc. which have fluent API calls that make things easy to use – similar to what we used in JS last time @ala

Let me know if you guys have any questions/concerns.

I also committed a bare-bones generated project and resized it to 800x450 (HD aspect ratio, max width for Kongregate). I also updated it to display a placeholder ship and rotate to the arrow keys.

I won’t be online much on the weekend (Saturday/Sunday) and I don’t want to become a bottleneck. Feel free to either:

  • Review/merge either other’s PRs
  • Open a PR and merge anyway (I might look at it later)
  • Commit without a PR

If anyone wants updates, you can find us in #gamedev on Discord.