Hearthstone - Jade Druid aka Jadid Discussion

So here’s the deck in question, my personal variation on what I uniquely call Jadid.

Anyone wanna discuss what they think would go better in it? For example, picking a card to replace it with Brann Bronebeard. This isn’t a question I’m just asking cause I know the answer to, I haven’t been playing Jadid in a long while and back then I didn’t think any card was worth interchanging with Bran. Now I’m just thinking about it again. Also haven’t played against a Jade druid in a long time either. Thoughts and other thoughts?

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Assalamualaikum Abdz! I know next to nothing about heartstone but I had to say salaams!


Ayyyy Wulf. Thanks and salaams

@Abdz Salaam broski, always good to see you man.

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