Homemade Delicious FOOD!


Share a picture of yummy food in this thread (that you personally made)!

Made this today:
Vegetables + noodles + boiled half egg!


This is best thread EVER!!

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I almost want to cook something just to post it lol

…and then I remembered: I have cooked something! Just not recently


Is that steak?


Yup! Since my post must be at least ten characters I will also add that it was very tasty. I personally like my steak medium rare

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Man, now I kinda want to participate lol.

I made a pasta soup today with the kids that definitely did not qualify as “delicious.” It was okay.

Oh, and @Mew, your steak looks really really rare. I like mine more like cardboard.

I think the pictures in that link might change your perception of meat doneness :slight_smile:

I grew up eating meat that was always cooked well done, be it steak or a burger. As I got older, I discovered the amazing-ness which is medium rare meat. It’s so much more juicy… If you have not tried meat a little on the pink side, I would definitely give it a try at least once

Oooooooooooooo. I wanna know. Thanks for share.

Edit: Saw…o…my…god…that looked amazing. lol. I like his method for determining how cooked through it is.

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Can you guys explain to me the palm thing he does?

What he’s basically saying is that the surface will be more firm the more cooked the steak is. And depending on where you touch your hand, you’re going to feel different firmness as well. He compared rare steak to the area on your palm around the base of your thumb, because that is a very soft un-firm part of your hand. I hope that helps some

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I haven’t watched the Gordon Ramsey video I posted in a while (lol), but if memory serves none of the following touch tests are the same exact test he shows in the video. Nonetheless they are similar and the purpose is well explained

I’ve been trying to increase my protein intake in an effort to work out. So I bought a bunch of chicken breast. Alhamdulilah it didn’t turn out too bad :slight_smile: I love cooking without measuring things and just going through the process by “feel”

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I know what you mean, and I love doing that too!

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You guys are insane. Without a recipe, chaos rules and descends like a dark cloud.

Or, wait, maybe that’s baking …


gross… it’s barely cooked. terrible

Why is it barely cooked? It’s white through the thickest parts. 20 minutes at 400F is plenty for this much chicken

and I had cut the chicken breast into smaller pieces so I could cook it faster because some of the breast pieces were very large

The steak man. Look at those things, all red and stuff. But cameras can make meat look more undercooked than they actually are, so DW, I’m just messin. Nice to talk u again Mew

Chicken looks nice though, sahtan

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