I am developing a game about Palestine Resistance

Assalamu Alaykum Brothers,

My name is Nidal Nijm, I am a brazilian muslim from Palestine Ascendance. I am developing a 3D game about Jihad in Palestine in which you play as a Palestine Fighter against Israel Army. I plan to release on Steam, Playstation 3 and Xbox360, Insha Allah, and would like to know if I am allowed to show off this project here.

I am asking permission because many forums and sites don’t allow advertising.

Jazakom Allah Khayr.

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I am not an admin but I believe it is allowed. If you wish to confirm you can join the MG discord server which is very active and has a shura in addition to a game dev chat group. I already know of some games developed by MG members on the discord channel and posted for everyone to see once they were completed. Hope this helps.


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Shukran my brother for answering me. I want to present my game like an interactive movie which tells the history of a young palestine student who was jailed unjustly, totured and then seeks his revenge. There will be no civilians, just soldiers in the game.

Soon I will showcase it here, Insha Allah.

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By the way, I am developing this game using my own modified version of Unreal Engine 3, which exports for PC, PS3 and Xbox360:


Hi. I am a new member here and I loved that you are making a game about the situation in Palestine. I just wanted to tell you that I can do beta testing for you if you like. Good luck on your game.

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Masha Allah Brother, thanks for this supportive comment. I am saying this because unfortunately, I have faced many bad comments from many muslims, comments that made me feel sad, and almost give up on this game. However, whenever I find muslim brothers supportive to me, so this will keep me motivated to finish this game, as you know, it is very hard to develop and entire game alone, and I am working on this game from almost 2 years. So whenever I feel support from my muslim brothers and I am sure that many of them will support me and help me by purchasing my game, this gives me energy to continue on this project, Insha Allah.

By the way, here comes some screenshots for the curious :wink: