Is anybody still playing Minecraft?

It has occured to me that I have not actually played minecraft in about a year now, with the exception of some Agrarian skies about 6 months ago.

Has anybody been keeping up with the MC community lately? Are there any new mods that are worth looking at?

I have not been keeping up to date with the community, but would be interested in firing it back up for co-op.

@asad3ainjalout ?

Ive resisted buying it for years because I knew Id have no reason to play it other than to tinker around with it for a time and then stop playing. Id maybe install a few graphics mods and build a few houses and then stop. lol.

I don’t really play much of anything these days. That being said, my daughter wanted to play minecraft the other day and since I didnt want to buy another copy I set up a minetest server instead. that was really fun and cool and has much more potential imho. Minecraft is still better in it’s current state, but minetest is free, and has a better base.

So its a full Minecraft clone? Does it feature the same stuff like enemies and the same level of depth?

Does minetest have a good modding scene like MC? Are you comparing it to Vanilla MC or modded?

Ok so quick run down

MineCraft MineTest
Minecraft is in and of itself a self contained game that has everything it needs in it. Minetest is more of a base and you add extensions or mods to enhance and customize the gameplay the way you please.
closed source OSS
Written in Java Written in C++
Minecraft needs mods to be hacked in due to no official modding support. Minetest has modding support (due to its entire design), mods are written in python
Minecraft world gen is "flat" with a set height and then a very far limit. Minetest world gen is a cube with the world size branching out from the center point, you can customize the size of the cube
Minecraft world gen is done as you explore Minetest makes the entire world world gen
Minecraft phone/tablet edition is different from the main edition. Minetest phone/tablet and main edition are compatible
Minetest runs on lower end hardware by a crazy amount

All in all, for personal use i prefer minetest, it runs on my daughters old refurbished computer and on my 200 dollar budget phone. The server is easily hosted on my old media box and uses a very low foot print. Mods can be added to the server and all clients can still access (unlike in minecraft where everyone has to have the mods installed) which means i can manage mods on the server end instead of on my computer, my wifes computer and my daughters computer as well as the server. Plus its free, so currently I only own two minecraft copies, mine and my wifes. With minetest all three of can play together as well as my sister joining in without any extra expense.

That being said, minecraft has way more mods due to its much larger community.

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I love everything about this.
Thank you for bringing it to my attention.


Glad I could help, I really do enjoy it. It does not have as much polish as minecraft, but if if had a bigger player base It would blow minecraft out of the water because its base structure is just so much better than minecrafts.

I remember me and Sev rocking out in the old minecraft server we had, good times :slight_smile:

Very cool. Ill look into Minetest then if I ever feel I need a Minecraft like fix.

I never did get the chance to nuke SevCo Tower…

I had enriched enough uranium in my nuclear program to build 3 nukes.

By the end I had over 10,000 diamonds.
Good times.

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Someone delete Sevs post before we go live…:stuck_out_tongue: lol


no, if anyoen takes a minecraft thread out of context, could you imagine what would happen if we had a sims thread. just hearing my wife and her sisters talk about the game makes me second guess if its me or not.

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Im trying to install Minetest now.
Of course since I am using Arch, I have to play the Dependancy shuffle and stop it from complaining about random missing libraries before it will run.

just use apacman?
ArchWiki knows you, and has everything you need :slight_smile:
The best part about Arch in my opinion i show you never have to install anything manually, if its not in the officials, its in the AUR.

Anyways… back on topic. I don’t exactly love Minecraft as a game… and I have since gotten out of the modding scene and stuff too… if we do get an MC server up though, we will most definitely be using Sponge, of which I was a founding member. Its great because it has all the permissions of Bukkit, + all the mods of Forge. However old bukkit plugins need to be ported or rewritten to work on Sponge…

Thats assuming we dont go for MineTest that is…

I got it working.

I already had all the dependancies installed according to pacman but it was still failing to launch citing that a library was missing functions.

After trying in vain to update different packages, I just updated my whole system overnight.

An important lesson for all Archers, -Syu often.

Wait you were doing partial upgtades? Tsk tsk, those be unsupported. I syu nearly every day, or at least weakly.

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Small correction: mods are written in Lua, according to the website, not (just) Python.