Is web gaming dead?


I realize this is a bit dumb (asking a bunch of Steam-fan gamers), but anyway: is web gaming dead? Is there any purpose in continuing to create games you can make in-browser?

I’m pretty sure you’re not a browser-based-game kinda person. I played lots of Flash games on Kongregate over the last few years. I’m not sure if it’s worth keeping.

For kids games, maybe. For anything that needs to be played in a school setting, maybe. As a business, maybe (make the desktop version paid + better). But, those are not compelling arguments for me.

What do you think about this?

Never mind, I’m stupid. Web gaming is used by lots of Important Things, including:

  • GitHub for their competitions
  • Kongregate for their competition
  • Educators for easy classroom integration

I dislike Javascript. It seems to have supplanted Flash and Unity, though.

All y’all can delete this thread whenever you want. Unless you’re (insert shock and possibly horror?) a casual web gamer kinda person.

To be honest, I think web gaming is coming back.

From what I’ve read online, WebGL and WebSockets have come really far, and are more than ready to produce games.

What do you dislike about JavaScript?

Javascript for game development is like JS for app development without jQuery. Inconsistent and different implementations in browsers mean you spend a lot of time writing hairy, specific code to support certain things. It’s not always the case that you can say “works on the latest browser.”

I personally dislike some of the language design decisions in JS, such as the complexity behind undefined vs. null, poor support for OO class inheritence, etc.

This is usually not an issue for me today, because I leverage libraries that take care of this, and/or generate JS code for me.

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One of the most versatile and fun games that enjoy playing is a web game.

Basically risk, but with a ton of new options features etc. It has a built in tournament system for ladder, round robin, double bracket etc. It has hundreds if not thousands of maps. It has tons of settings and options you can tweak, and the best part, because its a browser game, it runs on EVERYTHING. Now sure some game will have difficulty in a browser, but some games work very well.