IslamicFinder update

Have you guys seen the major overhaul of this site?

They even took their mobile app to the next level.

The IslamicFinder team is awesome. :slight_smile:

For reference; this is how it used to look like:

Next step: Linux support, amirite?! (Oh, and make the desktop client look pretty too)

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lol good lord finally. It looked like something out of the internets inception for years. Finally got their act together…or got taken over by someone who cares? lol.

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dont need no linux support, i made my own

I am planning to change a few things. I want to add the Hijri date above it, the next days fajr prayer, and I think it would be cool if the current salah time becomes bold and a larger font (fyi I am using conky so its kinda like a custom made widget) The next thing I want it to do is to only play the adhan when I am connected to my home network, right now it just does notifications.

Also i got the colors to match my wallpaper.

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Looks sweet, where do you pull the times from?

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I am actually using an open source library, so it works offline.

Instead of interfacing directly with the library I am using the iprayer time tool to calculate the prayer times. One thing you will notice is that times are slightly off. After talking to my father and my two local sheikhs turns out its not that big of a deal because depending on what you define as certain times of day, will change when the prayer time. for example there is a minor debate about what does a line of white mean to define sunrise islamically. how thing does the white have to be etc. etc.

So while the time wont sync up with islamic finders times, cause they use a different calculation method, it still works. However if you do not feel comfortable using it, I am sure there is an islamic finder api you can pull from.

Here is the link to the iprayertime program.
It was written by the Arabeyes group.

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I’m very happy about the overhaul. I use that website so much.


They’re mobile app is pretty sick too!

Ill have to check that out. Didnt know they had an app.