Magic in Games

Salaams hope you are well. I heard a scholar state that magic in all forms is haram including tricks performed at kids parties.

Does anyone know the ruling on using magic in computer games?

I’m new to Skyrim and have been playing as an Argonian and using magic. If the use of magic is haram, hopefully I can still play the game but without using magic or enchanting.
Will start again as a Redguard I think.


Wa’alikum as-salaam,

The discussion of magic being haram usually comes up in aqeedah classes. Because magic and jinns are inexorably intertwined.

Magic tricks is an interesting one. It could be jinns, or it could be harmless but leads people to learn more about magic (sometimes including the real - haram - magic). I’ve heard similar things about Harry Potter also - including one shaykh who knows, personally, one sister who fell into magic because of that series.

I’m not going to give you a fatwa; instead, I will suggest something simple: if you’re not comfortable with it, don’t use magic/magicians/magical-characters in your games. Some people argue that it’s very limiting; in my experience, not really.

Thank you for your reply and advice nightblade.

That is hotly contested.
While all scholars agree that performing magic is haram, I have heard different opinions when it comes to magic tricks.

Basically if you don’t call them magic, and you say they are optical illusions or sleight of hand then your fine.

I have never heard a discussion regarding magic in a video game so no comment.

I would highly recommend talking to a scholar you trust, your local sheikh for example, and take their opinion on the matter.

You can try to avoid using Magic in skyrim but you will find this very difficult as it is a magical world and there are certain creatures you cannot kill without magic. You could treat “fire enchantments” as lighting your sword or arrows on fire with oil or something but up to you.

Thanks for your reply and suggestion asad3. The scholar said tricks could lead kids into the path of magic, I guess like cigarettes/weed could lead as a gateway to worse substances.

I have posed the question on games to a scholar and will await their reply.

I’ve stopped watching for a long time so much TV and film because it’s full of all kinds of propaganda and rubbish so I’m trying games for recreation. I have medical problems so I can’t play sports, which I now find really boring to watch and repetitive.

I thought Skyrim would provide a lot of entertainment and you can choose to avoid things like shirk, fighting innocents, stealing, drinking, etc.

The shouts and what you have mentioned seem unavoidable but I agree with nightblade that I could still enjoy the game if all magic is avoided.