Max Payne 75% off

If you never played this historical classic (I didn’t), it’s now on sale for practically the cheapest it’s ever been.

I played it and finished it. I remember the storyline being incredibly good.

It’s too bad that Max Payne 2 had objectionable material…

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@Rec I find your reviews/comments to be spot on mashaAllah tabarakallah. Thanks, I’m down for buying this now.

HayakuLlah. That’s high praise coming from you, I hope I live up to it.

You guys were right so far about Dust and Stardew Valley. No reason to expect otherwise :slight_smile:

I’m very disappointed.

Not because of the game itself; it doesn’t run under anything but Windows XP (unofficially), and certainly not on Windows 8 (which I have).

Cue dramatic sigh. I’ll probably go for Time Recoil instead, as it’s 2D and has similar mechanics.

dramatic sigh

Have you tried launching the game in XP compatibility mode? I’m 100% sure I had the game running on Windows 7.

Yep. As I told steam in my refund request, I did some googling, tried compatibility mode, getting rid of spaces in the directory name, etc. all to no avail.

If I was really hardcore, I could set up a Windows XP/7/etc. VM and play it there. But I’m willing to accept that I missed out on this great classic.

Besides, 2D is more my thing these days. Perhaps Time Recoil will go on sale at some point and I’ll get to experience this bullet time mechanic in some fashion.