MG Udhiyyah/Qurbani/Sacrifice


So, Eid Al-Adha (bakra eid) is around the corner. There are many, ya’ne, statements of the Prophet (salallahu alayhi wa sallam), scholars, etc. about how awesome it is to sacrifice animals and give the meat to poor people, and how much reward there is.

So, let’s do this. As a “crowd-funded” thing. Cows and stuff can be expensive, so how about we chip in a few bucks each and buy something together?

If you want to contribute, please respond to this thread (or PM me) by no later than the end of Sunday, August 27th, with whatever you want to contribute. You don’t have to wire me the money immediately; I’ll buy it on Monday inshaAllah and you guys can repay me whenever’s convenient for you.

Honestly, if you can afford it (you can get a sheep in India for $70 or something), it’s better to do it yourself IMO. If not, or you want to contribute less, that’s cool.

There’s a statement of the Prophet (salallahu alayhi wa sallam) to the effect of “save yourself from Hellfire, even with half a date” (which is like $1). So yeah, let me know if you’re down.


I’m in for a ba’ara. if we can get enough people. MOOOOOOO

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Totally down for this too!

Count me in as well

Put me in coach

Can you guys/girls please PM me the amount you want to give?

Just a reminder that I need the final amount by tonight inshaAllah, otherwise it won’t be enough time for the meat to reach the needy people. Please PM me if you haven’t already.

Alhamdulillah we were able to pool together to afford something in a “conflict zone,” which is defined as one of:

Palestine (Gaza)
South Sudan

May Allah accept it from all y’all.

I’ll PM you so we can figure out how to arrange the funds transfer.