Microsoft 3D Pinball - Space Cadet

So I recently got into pinball after remembering this game fondly. Anyways, you can download it here I got it working on Linux with wine flawlessly.

So, who here is going to get the highest score?

Heres a manual for anyone who wants to perfect their game.


looool wow. Thats insane. I remember trying sooooo hard to get good at that game. Used to get some nice scores but still ended up hating how hard it was.

well there is a manual, remember pinball is half game knowledge, half technical skill. Game knowledge is, read the freaking manual. Technical skill is being able to land skill shots and aim where you need to go. I will be posting my first high score up today Inshallah, I guess screenshots will suffice.

Reminds me of Windows 95. Ever play DX Ball? It was great.

OT: I thought Soft32 loads up their downloads with bloatware, adware, etc. Why would you want to download anything from them?

i forgot where i got my copy from to be honest. That being said, if you are installing for Linux, the bloatware is irrelevant as it will not run unless you specifically call it.

U can download it directly from Microsoft like this

Note: u need 7zip to open some of the compressed files

Also, that was a hit of nostalgia. Not bad for first time right?

This brings back memories of playing this thing for hours in second grade.

post your high score man. The score to keep is 3,759,250