Moderating Religious Discussion

This is an extremely important point that needs to be said:

We are not scholars.

Even if we have studied, we are not scholars.

Even if we are scholars, we cannot understand a person’s struggle through a few posts on the internet which may lack context, lack tone, lack localized understanding, and lack many other variables that make us universally ill equipped to deal with the situation.

In the spirit of being helpful, we would be doing a terrible disservice to the person and to the community.

With that said, people might post things here not to seek a fatwa (or perhaps seeking a fatwa), but the most we can and should do is give said person moral support.

Leave the fatwas to the faqihs/scholars local to that person regardless of the results of this anonymity discussion.

This isn’t a place to share problems or sins, but some people might.

Therefore, we as a community need to know our limits so as to not overstep them.