My Top Free to Play Games

So, for my own records and the benefit of members here is a list of F2P games that I enjoy. These games do NOT include games that are completely free such as Minetest, Battle for Wesnoth, Open Arena - Just because I know Asad is going to say something lol :stuck_out_tongue:. If anyone has any suggestions to add to the list let me now. I generally like games that have a good business model that dont screw you over in other to make money.

My Favorites:


Path of Exile

War Thunder

Unreal Tournament






Fractured Space

Team Fortress 2




League of Legends

Free to Play Editions:

Guild Wars 2: Base Game

World of Warcraft: Starter Edition

Starcraft 2: Starter Edition




The Old Republic

Blade and Soul

If you do really want an MMO though Id recommend Black Desert Online, Elder Scrolls Online and Guild Wars 2 as they are just Buy to Play. :smiley:

Blade and Soul is a really good MMORPG that has the best combat system compared to any other MMORPG. It plays more like a fighting game in terms of combat.

Good list though :slight_smile:

Ah! Totally forgot about Blade and Soul. I was supposed to add a line asking for additional suggestions lol.

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battle for wesnoth, that thing has better animations and art than most proprietary turn based video games.

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Can we get a table going somewhere tracking these games by genre, OS and multiplayer modes?

It would be invaluable for setting up future games and tournaments.

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I knoooooow @asad3ainjalout :stuck_out_tongue: I left out the absolutely free stuff for a reason. Want to create another thread with all the good stuff you know?

@Severok - would it easy for me to create a table on here or should I just make a Google doc? lol.