Nintendo Finally Unveils the Nintendo NX!

The Nintendo NX has been revealed and is officially going to be called the Nintendo Switch. I think the name is lame but it definitely fits its capability. As previously leaked and speculated the console will be both a home console and portable gaming system. The hybrid system will be powered my nVidia Tegra GPUs and features an interesting controller design that takes from both Wii U and the Wiimote. Take a look:

And for your viewing pleasure here is some brand new Zelda footage:


Oh woooow. Home console + handheld :open_mouth:

Nice juan!

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It looks interesting but I don’t know. Plus I feel let down I only had a wii u for a year and already it’s being replaced.

Is anybody getting this? I think I’ll wait for reviews and see what games it will have

only 3 reasons would go for nintendo now.

  1. Zelda
  2. Super Smash
  3. Mario Cart
    Nothing else is worthit, and im not about to get a whole new console for them when emulators exist.

I wont be buying immediately but I havent purchased a Nintendo console since N64 and even then it was a gift from the parents for Eid. lol. That said, for me, this new console is something worth looking into. I love Wii games like Zelda Wind Waker and the others Ive emulated but its been too long since Ive actually been within their ecosystem.

One problem though is that there are rumblings that this console wont be backwards compatible at all with 3DS or Wii or WiiU. I dont like that at all and was hoping for the direct opposite. Combining or at least providing access to the whole Nintendo library would be been incredible. They would have won everyone back but now I dont know what they will do. Maybe remaster everything and rerelease on the Switch to make more money. Who knows.