Official Muslim Gamer Minecraft Server Thread


Details are on the discord here:

old server details remain below.

Assallamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu!

Please read the rules below. If your username is not in the whitelist please respond to this thread with your Minecraft in-game name and we will get to you as soon as possible.

If you have any requests for support, suggestions, or grievances please respond to this thread or direct message one of the admins listed below.

Jazakumullahu Khairan

  1. Keep foul and course language to a minimum. reference
  2. No intentional, non-consensual, malicious griefing.
    • You can set up and wage war against with consenting players, provided no one is caught in the cross fire.
  3. Please don’t give me reasons to add more :smiley:
World Seed


  • Asad3ainJalout
  • BigBossNCB
  • CutiePieNoodles
  • Hunter4239
  • Klusignolo
  • Mewsaab
  • SPARTAN11945
  • StormCult
  • TheShota
  • TimeLord13
  • Wollicoaster
  • abu_zooz
  • brandonmma
  • ekealodou
  • fsc888
  • grimreaperx2
  • nabil2005
  • rarSyed
  • rumaan93
  • spasskey
  • tiloob,
  • xarnia
  • ********


Hunter4239 or BigBossNCB

Whitelisted : ) Enjoy

You too have been Whitelisted : ) Enjoy

And now, Whitelisted : ) Enjoy

The server lagged out, and when I came back in all 12 of my villagers had vanished. Just wondering if a mod could give me 12 villager eggs please.

user: cenGii91

That username does not exist

try: Cengo91

The user Cengo91 has been added.


We now have a new spawn area.
This brick building can be found at 65, 72, -110 and will be a service center for players.
Currently it provides two services.

  1. Every player is safe within it’s walls. Not only will most mobs (especially the hostile ones) die once passing through it’s gateway, but even arrows will be destroyed before making it over the wall.
  2. A simple trade hub for certain items. In the basement of the spawn building there is a villager who will trade 8 smooth sandstone for 8 sandstone, and 1 charcoal or coal. We will add items that allow player creativity but do not mess with player mechanics but are currently impossible to gather in vanilla minecraft.

We will add to these service as they come up.

We also have some future plans to announce.

  1. @shifu will be planning some community builds so that players can get on together and work on some mega projects. If you haver any ideas for mega projects feel free to suggest any mega projects you would like to try and we can host a poll to pick the best. All of these projects will be done together in survival mode. so keep in mind part of the fun will be building the transportation infrastructure to move the large amounts of material we will need from place to place.
  2. We are currently working on adding some areas of the map for minigames. This is very early planning so it may be a while before we see final implementations. Some options of minigames will be -:
    • Parkour with prizes at the end
    • Some sort of wave based arena with prizes based on number of waves survived.
    • A spleef arena



Hello, your user, ClenchedPizza56, does not appear to exist, please send me the correct username,

Your user has been added welcome to the server

Hello, the minecraft account,, does not appear to exist


Fixed it. Can you please white-list deebstr, or jzk.