Official Muslim Gamer Minecraft Server Thread


Assallamu Alaikum Mahin,

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Assallamu Alaikum Cherry,

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Assallamu Alaikum BritlanderInKansas,

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Whao so many people! Horray! Asalamu’alaykum everyone :slight_smile:

We also updated recently to the latest version so villages and villager mechanics have changed.


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Sorry about the long wait! You’ve been whitelisted as well. Enjoy!

Also sorry for the long hiatus, When do you guys want me to upgrade to minecraft 1.15

Username: RayanRayan

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There is a new server managed by different people replacing the current server. Details may be found here:

I will try to keep the current (old) server up until everyone is aware. I will also update the server MoTD to inform everyone

Username: DeathWing1859

Hello @Death The new minecraft server is being managed exclusively on Discord now. You will have to go there.

ign: kasume_aia please add me

what is the discord server please