On a scale of 1 to Abdz, how many of you play ARK?

Asad and I were capturing this Dino the other day. We almost killed it by accident. After it got knocked out, Asad built spiked walls all around the Dino and set out to secure a raft. I steadily applied narcotics so the Dino would stay asleep. Unfortunately Asad didn’t make it backing time and I was out of narco. The Dino woke up, killed me and proceeded to die by spiked walls. Lel. #Sorry @asad3ainjalout.

It was gruesome to watch the Dino in pain, I’ll be honest. The graphics are so good that I felt bad shooting arrows into this thing.

Anyway, does anyone play ARK?


i replaced the bird we lost btw :D. But died when trying to fight off a carnosaurus. Luckily I had penned in the taming area so they are alive just sitting there waiting for us to go fetch them.

Idk about Ark, but @asad3ainjalout was right about Rust. Terrible game. I got owned in such humiliating ways that even a psychologist would feel uncomfortable hearing about it. I now hate bears, wolves and people in equal measure. But especially people.

Anyways, got some questions about Ark.

  1. Can you survive longer than 5 minutes in Ark without getting headshotted as a naked girl with a rock cause you can’t pick your gender? (Which I didn’t mind too much tbh. Running around as a naked girl with the mic on yelling obscenities in a bogan voice was more fun than I thought it would be, for the first day or 2.)

  2. Can your stuff get stolen? And if so, is it more or less often than 5 times every minute?

  3. Can you play by yourself or with just friends? And is it (PvE) fun like that?

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I would like @Wulf to also give his answers to these questions as well but here we go.

  1. Depends, on the server we play on the biggest threat is the wild life, not other players. However, generally speaking, unless your stupid and/or really unlucky, you should survive more than 5 minutes. For example, do not swim in deep water, there are sharks. Do not punch turtles, they are deceptively powerful. Do not go to deep in the woods without gear, you will die. You can pick your gender and do some basic customization. Your hair and beard grow in game time then you can pick your style with scissors so don’t worry about that, in fact its one of the reasons me and another guy on the server are at war. He cut off my beard. You have to play for 8 real life hours for your beard to reach full growth. You do not spawn fully naked. All characters have undergarments on by default. You can however poop on command z, and throw the poop. You can also eat the poop which will kill you. Aka, that is the way to commit suicide if your stuck and need to respawn.

  2. Yes, if your on a pvp server (there are pve servers). Once again, on our server, people tend not to steal stuff despite it being a pvp server. My base just has chests all over the place with no walls or ceiling cause I didn’t feel like building a house yet.

  3. Not only can you play by yourself on the server, you can even play singleplayer mode. As is usual, it is way easier with friends, however, if your smart, and willing ot spend a bit more time you can do almost everything with dinos that you tame and train to do your bidding.

Keep in mind I do not play on official pvp servers, so my experiences are very different from the official pvp servers.

Asad sold me on the poop throwing monkey, i’ll get it on the next humble or steam sale

Whenever I start playing ARK, I go into a downward spiral of obsessive gaming. It’s really bad.

In part, this is due to how easy it is to fall into the do “just one more thing” mindset. In part, it is due to the frustrating amount of work it takes to actually protect your gear from raiders, hackers, and OP dragonriders bringing their beast from another server.

It really sucks.

It takes hours to build a decent base, tames dinos (several hours here), and collect enough junk to get yourself up to speed. Yet, it takes 15 minutes of being away from your junk at the wrong time and it can all be stolen (or in the case of dinos, killed).

I’ve been on both ends—usually the former.

Official servers are wrought with elite players that block off drops and caves with vaults, effectively constraining resources and limiting the speed at which other tribes can grow.

There are other ways to attain those resources, but it tends to require more work to reach the same level of abundance as you would had the caves not been blocked off.

Private servers are a gamble: you don’t know if the GM’s are corrupt or will play favorites, you don’t know if a GM will randomly decide to /destroyallwilddinos or /destroyall , and most of all you don’t know if the private server will simply decide to shut down because the owner decides not to pay associated fees for a month or seven.

I have, on several occasions, thought of bringing this game up and asking if anyone here was interested in having a private ARK server, but then ARK decided to roll-out a 60 GB update to which I put my foot down and said: nope.

lol I see here that that would be a bad idea. First its an Early Access game and then it has issues like getting raided while asleep.

I actually do like the game. Which is why I hate what it has become. If the devs implemented asset shields (think clash of clans), PVE servers with PVP arenas, or if they simply make it impossible to block off caves then it would substantiatially mitigate griefing.