Online/Multiplayer Games?

Assalamu Aleykum

What online/multiplayer games is everyone playing?

It would be nice to group up with other Muslims and play,

I’m mostly into online FPS games and some MMO’s but would just enjoy playing anything online with the brothers,

Stegas (Imran)

EDIT: Forgot to mention I’m UK Timezone.

Wa’alaykum asalaam,

Do you play csgo!? That’s about all I play.

You’ll have a good chance of finding others to play with on the Discord server :slight_smile:

How do I get onto the discord server?

I haven’t played CS:GO for a long time but might give it a try once I get my computer fixed In sha Allah.

Invite link ^

Yo salaam guys.
I recently finally got a copy of Rainbow Six Siege for pc and am looking for a crew to run with. Any of y’all into it and any good? I think currently I’m decent. Only lvl 21 right now but previously played on Xbone and was Gold in rank.

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I’m pretty sure you can find a crew on the discord server, they have a specific LFG (“looking for group”) channel where you can ask others.

FFXIV and WoW here! Would love friends to play with.