Overwatch Hype Train?!

Anyone jumping on the hype train and getting overwatch? If so lemme know im down to play!

lol you got Overwatch too!? Gosh…maybe I need to too.

Yeah no thanks. I’m loyal to CSGO.

Overwatch is literally the best FPS game I have ever played. Jump on the hype train and thank me later!

@b4ck3m Yo add me on battle net BloodMoney13#1879

ill wait for now. too many things going on in life

Im just waiting for a sale. Yes, $40 isnt that much but I recently paid $20 for BF4 Premium Ed and THAT was a good buy lol.

dude I got bf4 as well, lets play!

lol really?! Hell yea. Totally down. Ill get on tonight.

Cool beans, I should be on after 6pm PST

So how’s overwatch a month later?

Its great! I love it to be honest, they just released competitive play and oh man is that intense

Oh dang. Didnt know they actually released Competitive. I thought that was still a month or two away. Cool.

I’ll pick it up when my GPU finally arrives. Right now all I have is integrated lol.