Owlicious: The Hungry Owl


I made this kids game. It’s for grade ones and hooks into the local science/technology curriculum. May Allah accept it (say ameen).

It’s available for Android/Flash. If you show it to your kids/nephews, please make sure you suggest to them what they can click on etc. It’s not as intuitive as I hoped.

Also, please give me an honest rating in the Google Play store. Even if it’s a 1 or 2. (The truth hurts sometimes.)

FYI, my feedback is that it’s:

  • Too short
  • Not interactive enough (most scenes just have extra audio)
  • Too much the same (all bushes/trees have the same noise)
  • Pretty ugly

I cant go to the link bro. Not sure why.

@rocketfiq should be fixed now

Can anyone volunteer to record the audio? Either yourself or your kids/nephews/cousins/nieces/etc.