Playstation NOW Service and Dualshock 4 Adapter Coming to PC!

Guys, soooooooo PS Now and an adapter to easily play using the Dualshock 4 are coming to PC! Its all hella expensive but a great step in the right direction! A whole lot of PS3 games will now be playable on PC through the service Im interested in seeing how well it will work:

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List of Games that will be Available:


To be honest this looks pretty cool, for those that don’t want to buy a ps3/4 this is an excellent option

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Looks cool.

With stuff like this, I always wonder: which games will it support?

As a developer, you care (especially if you’re exclusive) about making your game run on exactly that one supported hardware configuration. How far can you push it?

Now, suddenly, it has to work on a range of PCs. This may be an epic facepalm moment, or maybe Sony has it figured out (“minimum PC specs: …”)

just give minimum specs, move on, most pc gamers have learned to live with that.