Pokemon Go is Life


This just a friendly message stating that Pokemon Go is Life. Nothing else matters anymore.


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so while your free to like it, I actually uninstalled after 5 minutes. Ingress had way more content, and nostalgia has no power over me.

saw a couple gyms near my mosque
took a raiding party of 5 brothers
spent 3 hours catching and evolving pokemon
took over said gym
realized its 3am in the morning and have work tomorrow at 8am

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fun fact, it uses the google maps API, so if you downloads the maps for offline use, itl use less data for the game

not really worried about the data usage but more about the super shitty servers that don’t work 90% of the time

I’m waiting for this to release in Canada. I’m tempted to just switch to US Apple Stores, but apparently people have gotten banned?

or just use android… just saying



lol, Instead of getting into the pokemon go hype, I am actually playing pokemon fire red on my phone right now :smiley: gotta love the droid man gotta love it.

So I am sitting in a little restaurant in the tree tops of a mountain near Bandung in Java.

I decided to download Pokemon go out of curiosity. Immediately starting it up I am close to 3 pokestops and a gym.

@Severok it is in your best interest to join #TeamInstinct when you hit level 5 because #ThereIsNoShelterFromTheStorm

Which is the one with the Zapdos?

that would be team instinct :slight_smile:

My brothers!

Oh yeah, I caught a Zubat!

I also got an Ekans and was busy tracking down a pidgy when my wife took my phone away.

Back on the bus I got my phone back.
I threw down a lure and caught a weedle, staru, Oddish and pidgeotto. I appear to be war-driving Pokemon.

So probably a stupid question, but how exactly do you train the pokemon?

I don’t seem to be able to battle wild Pokemon like a regular pokemon game. I don’t see other trainers on the map. I know I can challenge gyms at lv5 but their CP is usually something like 350 while my strongest is currently closer to 50.

As far as I can see, you get dust by catching pokemon which you spend on making them stronger. I have so far spent 600 dust giving 3 pokemon +1 HP, what appears to be a tiny improvement.

To evolve a pokemon costs candy of that type. You get a small amount of that candy by catching that exact type and 1 more if you transfer it. Meaning that if I want to evolve my pidgeotto I have to grind catching or evolving another 12 of them so I can get a single pigeot?

Meanwhile I have a finite number of pokeballs and aside from leveling i will be required to buy more from microtransactions so I can even grind this stuff in the first place.

Am I missing stuff or is this really the way the game is meant to be played? I am hoping it all opens up at Lv5 into being an actual pokemon game, otherwise it looks like a pokemon themed pay-to-grind MMO where you don’t directly interact with other players.

It is more or less what you’re describing unfortunately. There is no way to ‘train’ pokemon so you have to grind out catching them and collecting candies if you want to evolve them. Your trainer lvl plays a very big role in what the cp of the wild pokemon you encounter will be. The higher your lvl the higher the cp of the pokemon (its still randomish though).

You can ditch the duplicates of the pokemon you catch and that will give you 1 candy back atop from the 3 candies you get for initially catching it. Its honestly not as grindy at it first looks imo.

To get more items you visit pokestops which give you free pokeballs as well as potions, eggs, lures, incense, revive etc. If you’re playing casually you really don’t need to spend money because pokestops refresh after like 5min and if you’re walking around where there are a fair amount of pokestops you will not have a problem.

I’ve only spent initial $5 to get more pokeballs but now its to the point where I have so many items that my bag is full and I kinda regret the buy cuz now I’m out of space lol.

You battle pokemon in gyms that other team members place there to protect it. As of now there is no direct interaction with other trainers but they are planning on introducing trading and other things later on in the game.

To be honest this game is most fun when playing with a party of people. So far every other night we would get a car of 5 and just go out and catch pokemon / battle gyms, but if thats not what you’re into then you won’t enjoy this game

I’m officially a member of team Instinct.

I came so close to catching a dratini but my connection dropped out :sweat:

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hahaha welcome to the team bro :slight_smile:and that sucks about the dratini they’re hard to find

Unfortunatly all pokemon games have been plagued with the grind. pokemon go has the double whammy of being pokemon and a phone game, Inshallah, they fix it all up.

I just started playing Ingress which honestly looks like a cooler game.

I am currently waiting for a flight and decided to check out if there are any portals near my gate.

There are 2, and I want to try hacking one but it is Just out of range. Contemplating how to get closer when I noticed security was starting to eye me.

Ingress is going to get me arrested if I’m not careful

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