Pokemon Go is Life

Are you guys experiencing any crashes and errors? There’s a fairly positive review on GameSpot which cites these two as major drawbacks of the current versions.

Honestly I found pokemon go was significantly more stable in Indonesia than Australia.

I had a slow network there that once or twice dropped connection (once losing me a dratini).
But back in Australia the app has failed to even launch multiple times citing server errors.

Yeah ive had server errors, but never a full crash. Its not surprising since it became viral pretty much over night… im surprised they havent had worse downtime…

Never had any issues with Ingress (enlightened FTW) except for the annoyance of innacurate GPS

The GPS in Ingress does seem a bit jittery, but not really enough to disrupt play.

(Resistance for Life)

lol, i think i chose the green enlightenment.

The game lore has a secretive organisation gathering influence and resources with the potential of subverting free will and by extension individual privacies.

@asad3ainjalout I thought out of anybody here, you would be a Resistance member.

Also, Blue is quite obviously the superior colour.

Edit: I just had a major Epiphany… All this time I thought the game just had a wavey green background on the scanner map. It appears however that this whole time I have been in one giant enlightened field.

I only discovered this as I checked Ingress at work where I now happen to be located near the boundary of the field.

I have my work cut out for me

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I picked green because in my area there are a lot of blue. In fact only the 3 masajid neaer my house are green, all other portals are blue. In fact in my area, 79% of the players are blue. I picked green because it would be easier to level up.

Enlightenment is not out to control you. That’s typical resistance propaganda. We simply want to use this stuff for the betterment of mankind, not be reactionary and fight against potential progress, much less destroy it.

Love how this game can polarize on ideology :slight_smile:

LoL. hey, in the area I live, all of the masajid are enlightenment despite the stronger superior resistance forces out there.

I’m 100% on the Pokémon Go hype train right now!

What level Pokémon do you guys have? Anything cool? I randomly came across a Victreebel of CP 1036 in a Subway so I’m psyched about that. For the most part though I haven’t found anything rare. I have a Snorlax. That might be it as far as notable mentions

Enlightened believe the shapers will mould us into the next grand stage.

As humans we took a wolf and domesticated it into a tame and ineffectual slave race and they will do the same to us.

Resistance will not allow that to happen even if we have to save you from your selves.

so the real reason i picked enlightenment is because they where outnumbered and you get more xp if you pick the weaker side, helps the game balance itself. That being said.

We believe that the human race should always advance. When the Prophet SAW saw trebuchets for the first time he didnt shun them, he used them. We see new technology, we will not shun it, we will use it and harness it to our power.


What do you think of the theory that pokeballs use a similar technology as the teleporter from Star trek?

That when exposed to the ball, the Pokemon’s physical structure is scanned down to the detail of its cells and brain structure before it’s matter is broken down into energy for storage while the generated blue print for reconstruction is stored or transmitted to the internet (as opposed to transmitted and immediately rebuilt like the teleporter).

This may explain why Wild Pokemon are suddenly tame when captured, being that it is not the Pokemon that was caught, but rather a newly produced clone with the owner imprinting on it. It also explains why captured Pokemon are stored in the PC and why more intelligent Pokemon in the anime like Pikachu and Meowth refuse to go into the ball.

I don’t really analyse games at that level, but wow. Haven’t watched star trek either!

The PC finally makes sense lol.

The more I think about it, the darker pokemon seems to be. It’s not a kids’ show O.o

The problem with such a theory is that the of the HP and other status effects are not changed when the pokemon is captured or sent to pokeball or PC. Now this could be a capitalist plot to provide Pokecenters with business, except that they are free to use.

However you are probably half correct. Yes pokemon are scanned when caught, but not cloned. Instead the internals of the pokeball are adapted to the pokemon that was just stored in it. This explains why certain pokeballs are better for capturing certain pokemon, while nothing short of a master ball will capture others (mewtwo). After the initial catch, the pokeball is set , and will no longer change. This is why each capture pokemon has its exact pokeball that it will go back into. Now if a pokemon escapes from the pokeball when capturing, the pokeball is not yet fully configured, and thus sets in a corrupted manner, thus making it useless. Think half-burned CDs.

but anyways… thats my top-of-head explanation.