Pokemon Uranium - Actual Game Available Now for PC

Download it before it gets DCMA-ed! lol. I just did:



I will check if it works in wine.

Edit: Apparently it does

Wow I’ve never heard of this before. This looks awesome!

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lol get it before it gets taken down for good! I tried it last night with a friend and the game is actually pretty deep. The beginning of the game in particular is far more involved than your normal fare. I really liked it. Everyone should at least get the download so it can be redistributed if needed lol.

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Thanks again for sharing. Downloaded it last night but haven’t had a chance to start. I’m definitely hoping that the tasks and puzzles are more involved than the actual games

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Haha yea. Apparently the game is stupid popular. I really hope they dont get taken down. Every time I see something like this I envision Nintendo barreling into the person developing the mod or game and tackling them to the floor. lol. Sumo wrestler style.

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Lol I see what you mean. But at the same time these guys aren’t making money off of Pokemon so I don’t feel bad about it. I see it as a mod

I won’t go into the moral and ethical issues about downloading or playing it. Copyright infringement, yo.

The alternative download still apparently works, but they have hit their daily download quota.

Unless somebody else can supply it, we will have to wait and jump on it once it becomes available again.

In a similar vein, There was a fan-made remake of Metroid2 that was published to celebrate its 20 year anniversary.
I was going to link it once I have checked if it is any good, but it seems the download links have all been taken down already.

It isn’t bad, though I think I will need a game-pad to properly appreciate it.

FYI, we can see what you edited out.

I know that. Thanks. I explained the situation to my 8yo, who said “it’s safer just to not download it.”

Here lies a ramble about many things. Enter at your own peril!

I took a class in university about copyright and intellectual property. Here’s how it works. (Disclaimer: applies to US and Canada, not sure about outside these areas.)

Copyright doesn’t apply to ideas, game mechanics, etc. It applies to creative works – things like pixel art of Pikachu, the Pokemon title screen, etc. When you create creative works, you automatically own the copyright for it. Therefore, Nintendo owns all of their pokemon-related materials.

But, it gets complicated. Let’s say I take their audio tracks, and remix it with nasheeds. This thing I made is called “derivative works.” Strangely, derivative works are the owner of the original copyright owner – so Nintendo would own these, too.

What about fan-art? What if someone draws a Pikachu poster? Maybe. I don’t remember. I do remember that Disney was very draconian in the early days of the internet about sending rude legal letters to anyone who put pictures of Mickey Mouse on their webpage.

As to Pokemon Uranium, sadly, they are infringing on Nintendo’s copyright – they included a number of the original pokemon, the word “pokemon,” and other stuff. Did they rip art directly from the originals? Probably not. Does it fall under derived works? Maybe.

Personally, I will feel really sad when the inevitable crushing hammer of Nintendo steps in and sends them a cease-and-desist letter. I don’t think Nintendo realises that the more people play this, the more they will love and buy other Pokemon games and paraphernalia.

If it was me, I would take out the word Pokemon, any references to Hoenn, and all of the original Pokemon. That, IMO, would be legally stronger as an independent work.

Oh, and for all you Wordpress haters out there (@AbrarSyed ? @BloodMoney ?) their website is created in Wordpress. Wham, bam, thank you ma’am!

Wallahu a’lam.

i despise wordpress, but yes, there is a reason i prefer open source, while I think copyright is necessary, I also think it is way too restricting.


ive gotten over hating stuff for no reason… I dont like wordpress because its PHP, and I dont like PHP because it lacks structure.

I am pretty sure you are wrong about remixe sof music though. pretty sure thats legal in the US.

I dislike it because we took a course on wordpress vulnerability, its actually terrifying.

Didn’t Capcom patent the concept of playing minigames during loading screens? Thus the best we get these days are things like the rotating figurines in skyrim.

Is patenting functionality different from copy writing a mechanic?

Apple tried to patent the rectangular with rounded edges shape… so U.S. goes crazy on this stuff.

Patenting is fundamentally different from copyright. Copyright applies to creative works, while patenting applies to processes.

I can’t patent mangos, but I can patent my super-awesome process to extract 110% juice out of a mango, peel and all.

This has a Nuzlocke Mode built in to it…
I love this already

I can’t tell you how many generations I have tried running Nuzlocke wishing that the developers would insert it as some sort of unlock-able easteregg to make it easier.

Overall I am pretty impressed.

The battle animations are very rough, the graphics seem to skip a few frame here and there while moving around the overworld and the music awkwardly loops with obvious start and stop points.

But the majority of graphics are very well done. There is a huge attention to detail. A heap of little annoyances are ironed out (Eg you now get the running shoes as soon as you start). The music is very well scored, though short.

The player character actually has a backstory and something like 150 out of the available 200 Pokemon are original creations giving the feeling of it being a new-gen game instead of a fan-made clone. The starter choice is even made by testing the players personality similar to starting an Elderscrolls game.

I have only gotten as far as leaving the starter town and catching my first 2 pokemon, so I am yet to see how the multiplayer pans out, if present at all.

So Nintendo definitely sumo body slammed the heck out of the devs. lol. The idiots at Nintendo have so few games out and so little support from devs that they flip at anything that might get more attention than their stuff. SMH. I do see what Ashes is saying though. Oh well.