Pokemon Uranium - Actual Game Available Now for PC

sad, but enough people downloaded it so it wont die

Did something happen @roketfiq? I don’t see any news on their forums.

They got canned by Nintendo and forced them to take it down but there are still links out there

Full explaination: http://www.pokemonuranium.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=1987

Yeaaaaa. Nintendo sumo slammed them…

Nintendo is too stupid to see that this is like the greatest advertising ever for them.

I think you’re underestimating them. Nintendo is very, very clever. They also spent hundreds of thousands, if not millions, to secure their Pokemon intellectual property in the minds of millions. Look at estimates of their revenue ($9B?) for Pokemon Go as proof of that.

If they allow this (as advertising), what fan games should and shouldn’t they allow? Should they vet them all? What about quality? This opens many doors that lead to the cheapning of their brand.

I respect, and appreciate, if not fully agree with their decision. What I find strange is that people go on to make Pokemon fan games. Did they expect any outcome other than this?

Also, @Roketfiq, Nintendo explicitly did not (yet) communicate with them. There’s no body slam, but I can see a big, fat sumo silhouette in the shadows. Waiting. Watching.

A little off topic, but speaking of Nintendo revenue and Pokemon Go, I REALLLYYYYY wish I had thought of investing in them before Pokemon Go was released. Their stock doubled in value in two weeks after Pokemon Go was released

*Commercial break*
*Fat sumo silhouette*
Who’s that Pokemon?
It’sssss Nintendo!


They dont need to explicitly anything…THEY HAVE SUMO NINJAS…THEY COME AT NIGHT…

Btw, how did sumos get associated with Nintendo lol? Is it because it’s a Japanese based company?

Do not get me wrong, I think they where stupid to make a pokemon game, they should have called it some obscure name like “Pocket Creatures” or something. Then used a similar art style and game design. I mean pokemon is still an active copyright/patent. However, here is how I think nintendo should have handled it.

We don’t make game for pc
these guys made a free game for pc
it does not infringe on our market share
but we need to protect our copyright
we require they change some names and art
just enough to not be pokemon, but still close enough that people will get a pokemon feel
require the group to post that their game is heavily influenced by pokemon.
People on pc buy and play pokemon uranium, realize they cant trade pokemon or truely collect them all.
People buy gameboys and game cartridges.

Yes…its okay slightly racially based…shhhh

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Positive review. lol too bad people have to hunt for the download now. Thankfully I has a backup. lol.

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In hindsight, their strategy is really interesting:

  • Create a Pokemon game, knowing Nintendo will shut it down
  • Install an auto-update mechanism within the game launcher itself
  • Release it for 48-72 hours
  • Apologise to Big N and take down the download links
  • Keep working on it and providing updates via the auto-updater

I wonder if it would actually work. Especially since their website is now defunct; I imagine the auto updater would use that to fetch updates.

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Oh man! I didnt know or realize that it had an autoupdate feature. Thats awesome.

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I learned two very important things from this:

  1. Two people can make an AWESOME game. Even if it takes nine years.
  2. RPG Maker can make AWESOME games. It just takes time and effort.

We should make an awesome Pokemon-like game too. Without, ya know, infringing on intellectual property.

Wait, they used RPG Maker to make that Pokemon game?

Yes sir they did. And with heavy, heavy customization on top.

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