Political Correctness - Why are people going nuts?

So, this topic wasnt really on my radar regarding games until just recently when I started seeing some seriously horrible comments on BF1 videos on Youtube. People were SO angry that blacks were given the limelight rather than a white (which would have made more sense for the times). They complained that blacks werent in Europe and that they shouldnt be given more credit or place than what really happened.

That, of course, comes from a white perspective. Whites dont understand racism, sexism, culturism in the same way that people IN IT do.

The next time I saw this hatred for political correctness was in a video today:

In the video he complains about how there arent women in Formula 1 and that having them in a F1 manager was unrealistic and shouldnt be the case. He argues that immersion is more important but in my head I couldnt understand why it was such a big deal. Its a game, right? A game that is generally fictional. You create a fictional racer and manage his fictional career. It just strikes me as unnecessary.

And what made it worse is that I like this creator. He has pretty good reviews and I like to think hes a decent guy that isnt racist or sexist but hes arguing as if the issue isnt important but then really important…to dismiss. I dont know. Non-Muslims man…so odd.

Anyway, what do you guys think? I understand the argument and I see where they are coming from. But as an immigrant, brown, male I feel like it isnt getting the full picture.

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If you want to read about political correctness and controversy, try Rust.

TLDR: your character gets a random but permanent (fixed, linked to your Steam ID) race when you start. Lots of white people got coloured characters and were shocked to be finally on the side of receiving racial comments.

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Lol I don’t know what to think of this.

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I too would like to weigh in and say I don’t know what to think about this