Ramadan Mubarak!

Ramadan Mubarak everyone!!!


Ramadan Mubarak

Eid Mubarak lol. Forums dead. Reboot the site they said. Ecksdeeee. Jk I love you guys.

Rofl. Eid Mubarak (1 week later lolol)

Ah Wulf, y u so pessimistic? Ya’ne…

Lol ashes actually I have intention to move off discord soon and go forums only. In their newest update a popup came up saying something along the lines of “agree with our privacy policy or die.” I read the whole thing and lol they’re basically a big data store that sell anything and everything for money… Imagine all that content with your personal information. The only way you can make them erase it is if you claim you’re under 13.

Lol, no thanks!

More on topic: Idk if you saw the moon yesterday on the 14 th of Shawaal - it was beautiful. And as it was going down it started glowing as though the world started using a ‘bloom’ post processing effect haha


Facepalm …Awesome

This little piece of information might become useful one day, thanks Wulf. Time to take my dream of becoming a little girl to the next level.

Hahaha sounds pretty impossible, but God be with you mate!

Better late than never, but Eid Mubarak all.

How Y’all been?

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Like the proverbial phoenix.
I crashed out for awhile, but rising from the ashes better than ever.

Things absolutely fell apart at work a few months back around the time that project fell though.
We lost a major project, I lost half my team and I was working a lot of nights to keep things going.

Between the needs of work and family I just kinda burnt out for a while.

But made some huge strides, got new projects. Replaced my lost staff with some scripting then picked up a new team. Starting next month I start leading R&D with my own team in a newer larger office.

Even picked up a bonus along the way which has now got me my 1st tower in about 9 years.
Still very modest hardware, but it has upgrade potential. Just managed to run Alien Isolation fairly smoothly so I am now excitedly queuing up 15 games from my Steam library that would never have run on my laptop.


Glad to hear you’re doing well alhamdulillah. We should team up again at some point – I think it was mutually beneficial (although very stressful given the fixed timeline).

Let me know when you’re “game.” Sounds like you still have your hands pretty full.

Ramadan Mubarak everyone :smiley:

Oh btw, what I said about discord a year ago is probably wrong. They’re really adamant about sticking to the story that they don’t sell user data.

Ramadan Mubarak.

Heres to rebooting the site AGAIN

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FYI, you can delete your account in the settings :slight_smile:

GDPR for the win!