Salaams~ Old member coming back

I was on the old forum years ago, I came looking for you guys to find a new site and forum. o.o looks nice~ I don’t know if you guys would remember me, I was always sorta shy and quiet in the voice chats…lol But I’m Khadijah, my brother Ibrahim and I joined Mulsim Gamers like a few years ago. I was hoping to reconnect with everyone, I also joined the discord.

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Wa’alaykum asalaam,

Welcome back! The discord is pretty active and has many sisters on it as well.

Welcome back. I’m a forum only guy, so I don’t know who you are, but welcome back all the same

Hey salaams.
I remember you, you were one of the folks on the Minecraft server right? Yeah we don’t have one of those yet. Inshaallah if we get enough folks that want it…
In other news, forum is kinda quiet in favour of the discord, but welcome back :smiley:

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@AbrarSyed I’d play on the Minecraft server if one is up. Especially if @Severok is somehow pulled in. =]

I recently got into minetest, community is not as big as minecraft, but being able to play on my phone with pc players sealed the deal for me. when my family play snow I got one kid on my phone, on on my wifes phone, my wife on her laptop, and then I host the server and play on my desktop. Super fun with mods ofc.